Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Play.com lists new album for June 16th

Play.com have listed the new album for pre-order and gives a release date of June 16th. So we are shrinking that release window down now. Sometime between mid-June and early September. : )
(Thanks Kevin)


  1. That's a bit more encouraging!

  2. Horray! Maybe it's actually true then.

  3. What is the big deal here? Sheesh, nail down a release date , they've done it 12 times before at least, lol.

  4. head on the door = the cure
    kiss me x 3 = new albumn?
    disintegration = albumn after next?
    just a theory, but i think it fits in with wish, wms and bloodflowers........
    who knows though, as usual, i will respect whatever robert chooses, cos u cant dictate to something u love, just accept...

    honey honey

  5. I don't think we're anywhere close to seeing the next series of reissues. Robert's concentrating on the new album. We won't see any reissues until late 2009 -- after the album has been released and the band has toured and recovered.

    I sympathize with Robert. I take a very long time and there are several things I've meant to do in my life, but never gotten around to them. I understand his predicament. Any delays will all be worth if the album is better than it normally would have been if rushed. I'm quite excited!

  6. Honey Honey, no matter how many times I read your post I don't know what the heck you're talking about!

  7. jpx ...
    just the style of cure albumns comes in sets of three:
    (exception of 2 in 83/84, seems like it was a fkd up time!)

    tib/bdc 17 secs faith
    (pornog - the top)
    head otd kiss me disint
    wish wms bloodflws
    the cure new? aftr nxt?

    well, i feel there is a connection (loose tho it may be) between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each set of three, and may well continue with a kiss me style albumn for the new release.

    i am only musing :)

  8. On a cheeky note, is Geffen running this site as well? about time we had a new pic on the front of the only decent Cure site eh?

    Honey Honey

    I would very much love it if the new album fit into this period
    head otd kiss me disint

    but who knows? as long as it is fresh and new...we can only hope for something we enjoy!

  9. It's not going to be a double album after all for £9.99 don't you think?

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  11. who is play.com affiliated with? if not even smith knows (so we've been lead to believe) the title or if it's a double album or not i don't see how any of this can be true. i mean, obviously it's there. i don't mean that. i just mean that hhhhhhh...why is this taking so long???!

    there'd better be a kazoo solo or some slide whistle in this thing...

  12. Honey Honey, now I get it, thanks for the clarification. Your original post was more difficult to decipher than the Da Vinci Code =) However I must disagree, if anything Wish sounds more like Disintegration era Cure. I don't believe that WMS, Bloodflowers, or the self-titled The Cure fit into any thematically similar category. Although I feel like each track from "The Cure" sounds like it came from a different era of the band. For example, Taking Off is more Wish-sounding and could be the cousin of High while Anniversary sounds like it could come from Disintegration, etc. Okay I'm rambling, where's the new album already?

  13. Sofia, I agree. How is it that this obscure website (at least it's obscure to me) would have this information. If a new album was truly about to drop we would have a single, a title, and at the very least, album art. I still believe that we won't see the new album until the fall at the earliest. Prove me wrong, Robert!

  14. well, believe me, they are not obscure to me, I've ordered hundreds of cd's and dvd's from them, excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT customers service!
    For you Americans, try playusa.com!

  15. jpx...
    sorry, i am not talking about the sound of the songs, more how the albumn is put together and who it appeals to. if this makes sense:
    - tib,head,wish,cure=appeals more to the masses
    -17,kiss me,wms=mixture light and dark

    but who knows?