Friday, April 11, 2008

New album in September?

From a reliable source - Universal has erased that June 3rd release date. No new date has been confirmed, but as the source says "Think Labor Day-ish".
Would they really delay it until September? Could there be a reason for it? Stay calm JPX. : )
(Thanks Friend of COF)


  1. I hope to god they do not delay the tour again!!!

  2. No, they will not delay the tour again.

  3. argh!
    This not bode well.
    Didn't they postpone this tour to work on the album in the first place?!

    I wonder what the hold up is?

  4. Getting sick of this stuff! It's common place for this band now. (sigh)

  5. I'm worried about JPX... he hasn't posted a response yet! ;) I hope he took the news okay...

  6. Oh its September now? This must be the part where I act absolutely shocked.

    Remind me again, what was the purpose of postponing the tour last fall?

  7. Maybe Universal got tired of having to keep pushing the date back every month, so they are just listing a vague Septemberish date now, and may actually move it FORWARD in a few weeks.

  8. And yes I know I sound crazy saying that, but it's one of only two explanations that make sense to me right now.

  9. Dare I ask what the other explanation is? :)

  10. V, you can ask, but I can't really answer. Too many rumors, not enough facts. It would be good news though, not bad.

  11. "Too many secrets, too many lies, too many rumors surrounding the album release date..." :) Hehe.

  12. Thanks for thinking about me guys. I had a large glass of wine so I've been able to choke down my rage. Then again, I predicted this didn't I? Sigh, what a missed opportunity. I'd much rather have new music in the spring with the tour to look forward to than post-tour in the fall. So he bought himself 6 more months, huh. Come on Robert, get it together, man!

  13. One thing to keep in mind, the source has heard that the album IS finished, though he couldn't confirm that.
    So if it is delayed until Sept., it could be Universal/Geffen holding it back.
    Remember Bloodflowers? The album was finished and ready to go in the autumn of 1999, but Elektra decided to hold it back until Feb. 2000.

  14. oh no they didn't!

    i just had to say that. big whoop. it'll come out when it comes out. i'm glad i'm seeing them in a month and a half.

    hopefully it's because they're adding minor key synths to all the songs!

  15. Hey Monkey, I posted in the Real Album News comments, asking you if you needed a couple of songs. Let me know if you want them.

  16. Hey, if the album comes out after the tour, that just means that they'll have to come back next year to promote it, right? Right? :)

    P.S. @MonkeyButt: I am also in the "it'll come out when it comes out" camp. :)

  17. New Album will be..."Chinese Democurecy"

  18. Funny that someone should mention Chinese Democracy! ha ha.

    Guess in a sense that puts our wait into perspective really.

    I hope that Craig is sitting on a happy secret as I suspect he may be

    "Maybe Universal got tired of having to keep pushing the date back every month, so they are just listing a vague Septemberish date now, and may actually move it FORWARD in a few weeks"

    that would be very cool if they shock us all and bring the release date forward to just on the tour starting!

    fingers crossed

  19. CRAIG: thanks for the post in the other thread. yes, those would be quite nice, actually. i don't have them.

    also, is you're so happy even available? i can't seem to find that. is it under another name on the lost flowers?

  20. For the best album in over a decade, I'm willing to wait, especially if there are so many tracks and it will only be better -- better melodies, better lyrics. Go, The Cure!

    So says this Battlestar Galactica fan; should be a great episode tonight, by the way of this politically-insightful series!

  21. The Cure are becoming a joke with this nonsense. At least they haven't canceled the US tour yet. If they do they will lose all credibility.

    The good news is that we'll only get a few new songs on the tour, and mostly old stuff !!!

    I really think this may be the last Cure album. They really seem to be having a hard time getting albums out.

    They shouldn't bother with albums anymore, such a waste. Robert should just release new songs as downloads for $1. I mean no one except for the hardcore fans are going to buy this album anyway.

    Why bands are still stuck on the 'album' concept is crazy.

  22. @Craig: Later this year also works. ;)

  23. Monkey - Sending the files now.

    Alastair - It's only a happy secret if true. If not, then I'm sitting on a pile of rubbish, which is never pleasant. : )

    V - Don't get your hopes up too high.

  24. @Craig: No worries there: I take all of this with a grain of salt. But a girl can still dream... Hehe.

  25. I am actually fine with the delays if we get the best possible album The Cure can give us as a result. My frustrations stem from the delays that seem to be imposed on every other project they currently have on the back burner (the re-masters and, most likely, any production on the 30th anniversary DVD doc) as a result. To everyone posting here: I'm sorry; I don't mean to whine. I live in Michigan, and we don't even rate one stop on their current tour (no Radiohead or REM either), so we don't even get the opportunity to enjoy the one supposed benefit that the constant delays provide others. Thanks for tolerating this (hopefully) mild expression of dissappointment and general frustration with all things Cure '08.

  26. This is GREAT news!!! It means we will hopefully get shows similar to the European dates. I can stomach 3 new songs a night but I was dreading another WMS debacle considering I have tix for 9 shows.
    BTW what songs are you and Monkey talking about Craig?? I am lost as usual.

  27. Well I am hoping you are sitting a on a golden nugget of truth - with luck!

    : )

  28. hey namepa: i was on a hunt the other day for rare stuff i didn't have. i found most of the things i was lacking (lost flowers), and craig sent me a couple remixes of a song robert did with paul hartnoll called 'please' along with the 2003 remix of 'pictures of you' and an early version of 'spilt milk' called 'ching chang chong.' good stuff.

  29. I'm sorry, but this has gone beyond absurd, even for The Cure, and back, actually.

    Oh, and I love hearing new stuff. As I'm sure that I said before, if I wanted to hear all old stuff, I'd put on a show from a previous tour.

    Perhaps buying that Cleveland ticket wasn't such a good idea after all.

  30. I think that I'm in the minority because most of the comments on this site suggest that people couldn't care less about new material and are just excited about seeing them live. That's cool, but I love almost everything they do (although The 13th makes me want to go on a kill-spree), and I'm bitterly disappointed that we're getting more delays. It would be one thing if there had been a single delay but this is, what, like the 6th? I hope you're right, Craig, and the album has been delivered and is completed. Also, I've noticed that many don't like it when the Cure play new material live? Why is that? I love to hear them do anything live and I've heard the old stuff a zillion times already.

    Someone mentioned "Chinese Democracy" and coincidentally from,

    'Axl Rose has finally delivered the album to his record label

    Guns N Roses have reportedly finished work on 'Chinese Democracy', the album that Axl Rose has been working on for the past 14 years. reports that Geffen Records, the band's record label, have confirmed they have received a finished copy of the album, and are currently haggling over money and rights issues with Rose.

    The album is reported to have cost in excess of $13million (£6.5million) to produce.'

  31. Well all I have to say is that this new album better be really really good. To be jerking everybody around like this.

    But I'm not holding my breath.

  32. I don't know if Toronto fans know, but floor seats are still being sold for Toronto. I don't understand how so many venues can sell out and this hasn't budged in nearly a year!

  33. Oberhausen - not sure what you are talking about. Do you mean the songs I sent to Monkey? If so, then he already listed them.

    Muld - You sure about that? Just checked TM and no floor seats are available for Toronto. And where do you see all of these sold out shows? Europe, yes, but only Austin and maybe Hollywood Bowl are sold out on the North American tour. Did I miss some?

  34. Toronto!!! Can't wait for toronto. Floor row 13, so very psyched. As my first "official" Cure show, I don't count curiosa as an "official" show. I'm really hoping to see some bloodflowers. In all honesty that is probably one of my favorite albums...I like Wild Mood Swings also, "treasure," "Jupiter Crashing," "this is a lie," I think they are all great. Really looking forward to it.

    in this interview on youtube robert say at the end,that he thibk the new album will unfourtnatly a single album.
    that kind of sucks
    greetings from patea nz

  36. Talking about Curiosa, i saw Muse last night at the RAH,part of TCT week(yeah i know, The cure was 2 years ago already!), and they were absolutly fantastic..Matt played Megalomania on the Albert Hall's organ...amazing..

  37. yep,i meant those songs you were to about above.are these the lost flowers?

  38. A fan from Patea! so close! a single album you say.....sigh. I hope not, let me guess lame ass Geffen wont do them the justice of a double, but will waste 13 million plus on that ego maniac Axl???? lame lame lame...

    well if that is the case robert - use the power of the dont need lame labels anymore!

    hello to patea!!!

    when look at the video on youtube he say pretty clear to the end that it will be only a single album.also he say that this will be the last cure album in this kind of format.all in all in pretty much fed up with all this bullshit in a fan since 20 years know,have see the guys more than 20 times live and must say i was never so tired of waiting for some news .all the delays sucks ,the website is simpel embarrsing.
    and good old bob say allways the same bullshit,like this the best tout they have ever played,this is the best recording they have ever made ,and so is go on and on.
    here some tips for you robert.
    update the freking website
    take the sixstring bass out again
    bring back freaking keys
    fuck the comercial shit and bring out what you can do best, doom and gloom!!!.
    we have in last time enough embarssing pop songs ala "end of the world ,alt end,cut here......!!

    and why not be a littel more brave,and change the setlist,is no need to play save,we all know your hitsingles.

    what is with songs like doubt,walling wall,burn,other voices.
    it will be awsome to hear this songs live.then lets face it robert is nearly 50 and time doesent stop.he mustnot play music anymore for money ,so why bother what the fucking label want?and why bother if some peopel on a concert not know all the songs?
    its seem all im mom to much buissness and less passion.
    or is this only me ????who think that?

    dont get me wrong i love this band like no other,but even in the best relationchips must be room for critic.
    sorry for my bad english im german.

    and to alastair!
    we have see each other before ,in auckland ,in the row before the concert .iwas standing in front of you .i was the guy the balck dread mohwak and the big wish tattoo on the arm.
    maybe we go one day for a

  40. CUREHEAD: "take the sixstring bass out again
    bring back freaking keys"

    I, too, was really upset when I noticed Robert did not play the Fender VI any longer. The songs just sounded weak and thin without keys AND the FVI. But during the European tour, Robert was actually playing a Schecter version of a six string bass. It has the same shape of his Schecter guitar, but it has 3 pickups and features 3 switches like the FVI. I bet it does not sound even close to the FVI.

    Speaking of guitars, last issue of Guitar Player magazine has a feature on pedalboards, and has pix of the pedalboard of the stars. There's a picture of Porl's board.

    On the MTV interview, Robert does say his deadline to finish the running order of the songs was Easter Sunday, so that he could make the June release. WTF, the interview is over a month old!

  41. Yeah, Cut Here is the ULTIMATE pop song about a friend's death...

  42. Wow, I just went to the official site and they're advertising this cool DVD called Festival! It says, "In stores December 5th"


    I remember that there was this bank with an outdoor clock in a town I was living in. The clock stopped working and for some reason it always depressed me whenever I drove by it. I remember thinking, "Why would I put my money in a bank that doesn't care enough to fix the clock?" Going to the official Cure site fills me with the same malaise.

  43. i am going to have an aneurysm.

  44. Monkey - Do you have the Hotel Sessions Bootleg from the European Bloodflowers tour? That's another good one to have it you don't have it.

  45. joefrog: no, i don't have those. are they demos? any links online?

  46. Monkey - Unfortunately, I don't have any links. I can either mail you a copy or try to upload them somewhere. I'll let you know something later tonight. I believe it was the Conrad Hotel. Maybe?

  47. Ah, amazing what google can do. I found a link.

  48. Wow, that's really quite awful! Thanks for the link though =)

  49. Wow, awful? No way - this is awesome. I only wish there was video to go with it... ;) Craig, is there any chance that they will have a lounge act in the near future?

  50. Oh come on! I love the Cure too but this is awful. It sounds like children playing with toy instruments at the bottom of a well. I couldn't get through it. A video of it would certainly make it fun but is this something you will really ever "listen" to more than once? It's an interesting curiosity. I'd rather have the new album, oops, there I go again =)