Monday, March 31, 2008

Cure place 5 songs in Top 80 of the 80's

"Last saturday, the listeners of our best Belgian radio station STUDIO BRUSSEL, voted their 80 best 80's songs. The Cure are with the most songs (5!) in the list! With A Forest at a great #1!
1. The Cure - A Forest
16. The Cure - Boys don't cry
26. The Cure - Just like heaven
43. The Cure - Lullaby
56. The Cure - Close to me
You can re-listen it in 6 parts at:"
(Thanks Roel)


  1. Those are some great songs. Having had the money and time to go through much of The Cure's early catalogue when I reached university at the turn of the millennium, I was amazed -- despite some spotty material -- at how many great and varied songs The Cure put out in such a short amount of time. The band's early output (the first 5 years or so) far exceeds in quality that of, say, U2, which took a long time before it was able to write and sing quality material.

  2. No In Between Days??
    No The Walk???
    Not even The Lovecats????

  3. the walk and the lovecats where not really hits in Belgium or the Netherlands..

    no inbetween days? good point !! should have been in the list.