Reflections London

Nov. 15th, 2011 - Reflections at the Royal Albert Hall in London

1st set: 10:15 Saturday Night, Accuracy, Grinding Halt, Another Day, Object, Subway Song, Foxy Lady, Meathook, So What, Fire in Cairo, It's Not You, Three Imaginary Boys, Weedy Burton.

2nd set (with Roger O'Donnell): A Reflection, Play For Today, Secrets, In Your House, Three, The Final Sound, A Forest, M, At Night, Seventeen Seconds.

3rd set (With Roger and Lol Tolhurst): The Holy Hour, Primary, Other Voices, All Cats Are Grey, The Funeral Party, Doubt, The Drowning Man, Faith.

1st encore: World War, I'm Cold, Plastic Passion, Boys Don't Cry, Killing An Arab (yes, ARAB!), Jumping Someone Else's Train, Another Journey By Train.

2nd encore: Descent, Splintered in Her Head, Charlotte Sometimes, The Hanging Garden.

3rd encore: Let's Go to Bed ("wait until 9"), The Walk, The Lovecats.

Soundcheck: Funeral Party, All Cats Are Grey, Other Voices, Charlotte Sometimes, 10:15 Saturday Night.

Merchandise photos

10:46 PM (UK): stenweb - "Most animated I've seen Robert. The Walk"

10:43 PM (UK): stenweb - "Robert: "and this is why you shouldn't take drugs." Lets go to bed"

10:39 PM (UK): - "Robert seems to be really having fun tonight almost as much as we are"

10:21 PM (UK): Perfect.Murder - "If you dont have a ticket GET ONE! NOW! Much better form than Sydney! Sounding big and oh ever so relaxed.. Crowd is wild on BDC & KAA"

10:17 PM (UK): ghostfinder - "Killing An Arab is Killing an *Arab* tonight - first time in years"

9:58 PM (UK): stenweb - "there's nothing left but faith..."

9:40 PM (UK): stenweb - "The Funeral Party. The atmosphere is electric."

9:36 PM (UK): stenweb - "All Cats are Grey. Lighting is simple but very effective."

9:27 PM (UK): stenweb - "The camera shake when I record video is because the floor is literally shaking. Like being on a boat. With The Cure. On top form!"

9:22 PM (UK): stenweb - "And now The Holy Hour kicks off Faith. With on percussion and on the tambourine too!"

9:05 PM (UK): MrJohnLogan - "Roberts voice sounds amazing. Simon is just cool. Enough said!"

8:36 PM (UK): stenweb - "New addition to the stage :) "

8:18 PM (UK): stenweb - "Fire in Cairo. Looks like a fire at the Albert Hall!"

8:13 PM (UK): stenweb - "Subway song was amazing. Brilliant guitar work by Robert. All 3 of them are on form. "

8:11 PM (UK): stenweb - "After Foxy Lady: "never thought I'd get to play that song in this building"."

7:54 PM (UK): stenweb - "The bass is breathtaking!"

7:20 PM (UK): ghostfinder - "I'm sitting next to Tim Burton. OMFG. Blinded him with the flash! Tim Fucking Burton. Shook his hand. He's very nice!"

7:13 PM (UK): ghostfinder - "View from the top RT : section v - just right of middle of room when look at stage"

7:10 PM (UK): Perfect.Murder - "Tim Burton is sitting 3 rows away from me"

7:02 PM (UK): ghostfinder - "Every seat has a Bestival promo card. Reverse side."

6:52 PM (UK): ghostfinder - "I'm in. Perfect seat. Hall is filled with birdsong. Never been in here before, it's actually smaller than I expected." Another shot.

6:38 PM (UK): ghostfinder - "Sound check seems to be over. Ushers now guarding doors, which will open in about 5 mins (says my usher!).When an usher went through the doors to the main hall during the sound check, the sound quality was amazing. Should be a good night."

6:26 PM (UK): ghostfinder - "OMG! The Cure are still sound checking! They're playing The Funeral Party! Sounds amazing through two sets of doors (main hall not open yet, currently standing in corridor by my door). Now sound checking Primary. Half of Primary anyway. Now Charlotte Sometimes. So What? (the song, I mean) So What segues into part of 10:15 Saturday Night. Can just see some lights being tested. Still on 10:15."

Reflections London poster. Photo by ghostfinder.
(Thanks Andythecurefan)

6:20 PM (UK) - "Doors are closed yet.. There are 2 lines on opposite side of building.. Very few people up to now..."
(Thanks Marsworld)

5:27 PM (UK): Merchandise being set up. (Thanks Marsworld)

4:50 PM (UK): John with Roger (Thanks John)

3:41 PM (UK): - The Cure perform live here tonight. Their soundcheck is happening now and it's giving our 140 year old foundations a shake!