Reflections LA Night 3

Nov. 23rd, 2011 - Reflections at Pantages Theater in Ls Angeles

1st set: 10:15 Saturday Night, Accuracy, Grinding Halt, Another Day, Object, Subway Song, Foxy Lady, Meathook, So What, Fire in Cairo, It's Not You, Three Imaginary Boys, Weedy Burton.

2nd set (with Roger O'Donnell): A Reflection, Play For Today, Secrets, In Your House, Three, The Final Sound, A Forest, M, At Night, Seventeen Seconds.

3rd set (With Roger and Lol Tolhurst): The Holy Hour, Primary, Other Voices, All Cats Are Grey, The Funeral Party, Doubt, The Drowning Man, Faith.

1st encore: World War, I'm Cold, Plastic Passion, Boys Don't Cry, Killing An Arab, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Another Journey By Train.

2nd encore: Descent, Splintered in Her Head, Charlotte Sometimes, The Hanging Garden.

3rd encore: Let's Go to Bed, The Walk, The Lovecats.

Thanks to Olivier & his Reflections page, and Shawn, for providing the live updates tonight.

Live Show Updates & Photos
10:56 PM - Olivier - Robert: "One minute, I just have to take some acid."10:48 PM - Shawn - 'Splintered in Her Head': Awesome, with Robert opening the lyrics with the first line of 'The Empty World'.
10:40 PM - Shawn - Good first encore, with a couple of cool riffs from Robert on 'Another Journey By Train'.
10:31 PM - Shawn - 'Killing An Arab' again, emphatic this time.
10:17 PM - Shawn - The sound was good through all except maybe the first two minutes of the 'Faith' set, with 'The Drowning Man' sounding the best.
9:25 PM - Shawn - They finally fixed Roger's levels for 'Seventeen Seconds'. It sounded good.
9:19 PM - Shawn - Roger's levels are still too high for 'At Night'. He's coming really close to bad feedback when he holds a note for more than a second.
9:10 PM - Shawn - They need to turn down Roger's keyboards a notch or two on 'A Forest'.
8:59 PM - Shawn - The level is too high on Roger's keyboard for 'In Your House'. It's overpowering the other instruments and sounds a little distorted.
8:53 PM - Shawn - Almost no crowd chanting during 'Play for Today'.
8:42 PM - Monty - "Stay tuned for something special" RS says.
8:20 PM - Olivier - Robert: "However hard I try, I can't like that song!" (Object)

The Lovecats

The Walk




A Forest

Play For Today

Subway Song

10:15 Saturday Night
Thanks to Shawn for the photos.

It's your last show, LA. Make it special. Enjoy it like it's the last time you'll ever see them. But most of all, have the greatest night of your life!