Monday, October 27, 2008

Vinyl delay in UK?

"Just went to HMV Oxford street and the album is not out on vinyl in the UK until November 10th" (Thanks JC)

"No, its out. i have it. ordered from what records on ebay. it arrived this morning." (Thanks Grimgram)


  1. i have it now. i ordered it from a shop on ebay and it came this morning. it sounds cracking too!!!

  2. All the British sites are saying 10th November.
    Maybe the vinyl is delayed in the UK. This has been happening with lots of releases here lately. does have it & you can get it via e-bay. Annoying that no shops have the vinyl. I checked everywhere today in London.

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  4. grimgram, are you positive that it actually is the uk (or euro) release? a few british ebay shops and german retailers have been selling the us import without mentioning its country of origin. afaik the lp has not been released anywhere in europe just yet.