Tuesday, October 28, 2008

4:13 ringback tones

"I just noticed that the entire 4:13 Dream album is available at Verizon wireless as ringback tones if anyone is interested!"(Thanks Rj)

Update: Check the comments section for the codes.


  1. a ringback tone, as opposed to a ringtone, yes?

  2. I did the research...Here is the complete list of codes for the new album... Verizon Wireless customers can text the following codes to 728 for the Ringback tones:

    Underneath the stars = 00259963
    The only one = 00259964
    The reasons why = 00259965
    Freakshow = 00259966
    Sirensong = 00259967
    The real snow white = 00259968
    The hungry ghost = 00259969
    Switch = 00259970
    The perfect boy = 00259971
    This.Here and now. = 00259972
    Sleep when Im dead = 00259973
    The scream = 00259974
    It's over = 00259975

    (Thanks Rj)

  3. That's Rj who did the research, not me.

  4. T-Mobile has some too.

    I have had The Only One since I got my new phone in August....

  5. What's the difference? I'm phone ignorant I guess. Do you still get charged for the tone like you would for a ringtone?

  6. Some of the singles have been available since they came out... The entire album is available for verizon customers... A ringtone is what you hear when your phone rings... a RINGBACK tone is what callers hear when they call you instead of a ringing sound.