Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More 4:13 reviews

US - Daily Orange (negative), Hartford Courant (positive)
Canada - Toronto Globe & Mail, Canadian Press (positive)
New Zealand - Groove Guide (positive)
Croatia - Jutarnji (3/5)
Norway - Dagsavisen, VG Nett, Ostlendingen, TV2, NRK, NRK (4/6), F-B.
Mexico - Ibero 90.9.
Denmark - JP (4/6), Gaffa (4/6 - pleasant "re-listen" with the fathers of goth rock), MetroExpress (4/6 - Pleasant dreamscape), Berlingske (4/6 - Classic Cure), Urban (Mainly positive - Bubbles & Sediment: The Cure makes its old bloodred brew taste both refreshing and disturbing), Ekstrabladet (2/6 - Pathetic junk by The Cure), Politiken (2/6)
Portugal - Dario Digital (negative)

(Thanks Rob, Sandro, Alastair, Kate, Sanjin, Lars, Christian, Farbruun)


  1. Sheesh! More reviews than you can poke a stick at!

  2. ah, yes, i love "the standard Cure musical formula of four-minute trudging despair songs."


  3. so this reporter in the Vancouver paper today referred 'the head on the wall' in his review... lol..

  4. eh. i wish i loved the album, but i don't. it's just too much of the same old stuff. nothing new, nothing particularly immediate.

    hopefully the dark companion piece will be better than this.