Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Buy from an Indie, get a 4:13 Litho

If you buy 4:13 Dream from select independent music stores, you'll get a free 11" x 11" lithograph of the album cover.

Update: "The store rolled it, so I had to make creative use of the album and singles to hold it flat for the photo. And the reported "11 x 11" is actually more like 18" x 18"."
(Thanks Josh)


  1. Toronto Globe & Mail review:

    4:13 Dream
    The Cure
    After having been so many things over the past three decades - post-punk rock band, experimental Goth group, quirky singles act, dark dance combo - the Cure decides to spend its 13th album being a little bit of everything. There are dance licks and squalling guitar on Switch, chiming guitars and love lyrics on The Only One, blunt, itchy new-wave riffs on Freakshow, and droning chords with desperate vocals on The Real Snow White. Originally planned as a double album, 4:13 Dream seems sprawling at half that length, but the tunes are so resolutely melodic that it's hard to mind the album's scattershot approach to style. J.D. Considine

  2. I got one!

    The cashier at Earshot in Greenville asked me "Would you like a free poster to go along with the album?"

    UM, DUH!!!!!!

    Yeah, I have one....it's securely hanging on the wall above my computer.

  3. Waterloo Records in Austin has the 18x18 posters. Had to ask for it (the cashier was forgetful).

  4. Graywhale in Salt Lake had a stack along with smaller posters at the doorway. Nice quality but my wife said it doesn't belong hanging on our bedroom wall...any suggestions?

  5. I wish I could like the album cover enough to want to hang it anywhere...*sigh*

  6. I wish my local indie store (Shake-It) carried the posters. Still the best store in the city tho.

  7. http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/news/145008-cure-tribute-compilations-get-tracklists-release-dates

  8. Got two of em. Amoeba in Hollywood has a HUGE stack of em at the checkout counter. And they have the vinyl, several of em. Highly recommended.

  9. *waves to Sam*
    Did I meet you at the one in Taylorsville?

    I came in here to say the same thing about the Graywhales in SLC. I have both the large litho and the smaller poster. I took a poster with me to work today to hang in my office :) And also to say that yes, the litho posters are bigger than 11 x 11 inches. I measured mine and it's 18" x 18" on heavy stock and the smaller poster is on lighter paper and it's 11" x 17"

  10. got mine. now what to do with that litho? my girlfriend rolled her eyes at it.

  11. Wow! Litho-mania! Sounds like a Baltic state.

  12. Here's an Amazon review I put together for 4:13 Dream. I'd appreciate anyone that wants to give me some helpful points. Thanks.


  13. **To Rev. Heron**

    I don't recall seeing you. I was there at midnight and stayed up until 2:30 listening to it. I'll frame my litho and hang it around the house, moving it every time the wife tells me to take it down. Good idea with the small one, I'll hang it in the office...good conversation piece.

  14. Hi Sam,
    Which Graywhale were you at? I was out at the one on Redwood Rd. and was up at the front talking to a couple of other fans.

    It was really cool to meet Jared as I've seen (and envied!) his Robert signature tattoo on the CoF tattoo gallery for years, but didn't know he lived here in SLC.

    I'm with you, going to frame my litho but I am not sure yet where to put it.

  15. i bought from an idie and all i got was this lousy poster

    actually i love the poster! my indie shop rulethzzzzz

  16. @ sam & @ rev, eron, office of spirit

    both small and large posters !!!???


    I can't find your shop on the internet!
    Could any of you accept to go back to the shop and buy me the LP WITH the two (2) free lithographies?

    I'd pay you back tonight using Paypal!!!

  17. I would have gotten one if I had a local record store in my area!