Monday, October 27, 2008

4:13 at midnight in Phoenix

ZIA Records in Phoenix, Az. will be selling 4:13 Dream at midnight tonight/Tuesday morning. (Thanks KelBel)


  1. The Dream is out now on iTunes UK

  2. I love how all these stores are selling at midnight. For a band that "gets no commercial radio play" it's great!


  3. Not that there are a ton of fans here in Utah, but the Graywhale stores will have them available at midnight tonight as well! I'll be at the Taylorsville one at 11:30, waiting for mine!

    Check for your local store at to support independent record stores and The Cure too!

  4. Ah nothing that early my way, so I'll be heading out to stores tomorrow at 11 AM for lunch!

    I can't wait to finally get it. It's finally happening!!! All that waiting will be over and I'll be living the 4:13 Dream!!! :)

  5. CD - $11.99
    LP - $12.99

    at zia records in tempe, az