Monday, October 27, 2008

Charts update

Hypnagogic States
France Top 100 - up to @56 from #57 (6th week)
Europe Top 100 - up to #96 from #99 (5th week)
Spain Top 20 - down to @3 from #2 (5th week)
(Thanks Pietro)


  1. i still haven't picked that up yet.

  2. I got it but have to admit I've only listened to it twice!

  3. CK - I'm the same as you. I had a stomper headache the week it came out, so was in no fit state of mind to listen to it - and now I have more important things to listen to.

  4. Ah yes Elise, I can finally have something more important to listen to tomorrow! I can't wait Finally!!!

    And hey I hope you had a great vacation! Are you back to work this week?

  5. Yes, having 4:13, I have forgotten about the EP. Heehee.