Monday, July 9, 2012

Robert interview on BBC 6 Music

"BBC 6 Music is running a number of small interviews with Robert today. Talked about performing and image. Mention of new album, though it was the 6 music reporter who mentioned they were working on a new album rather than Robert."
Update: Listen to it on the Shaun Keaveny show. Robert bits at 47:15, 2:47:10.
Also, Full 2 minute interview here. Only available in the UK.
(Thanks @ian_c_reid)


  1. I've heard two of these soundbites today but didn't catch everything that was said. BBC 6 Music mentioned Roskilde and the 3 hour set they played. They've obviously interviewed Robert recently. The first soundbite was him talking about how much he loves performing and the second one talked about the bands image and Robert mentioned in the early days he used to turn the microphone round and play with his back to the audience. The interviewer mentioned that the band were recording their follow up to 2008's 4:13 dream album.

  2. I heard these on Shaun Keaveney's show this morning. Show can be found on the BBC iPlayer but this may be restricted to the UK only.

  3. Copied and pasted above address but couldn't find anything.. :(

  4. Never mind -just saw the update! :)

    Thankyou Craig!!

  5. Just listened to it again. The interview was recorded after the Roskilde set.

    In the first part Robert talks about treating every show as if it was the last one (haven't we heard that before...) and feeling self-indulgent playing 3 hour shows and how much he is enjoying it but needs the audience to enjoy it as well.

    The second part is at the 2:47:10 mark and Robert says the whole point of everything they do is the audience and as he has got older he has realised he has to engage with the audience, got to give them something to get something back.

  6. And as I was typing this they've just played some more from this interview on the Radcliffe and Maconie show (

    The interview was done for Danish radio station (or TV station - it wasn't specific).

    - He says it gets easier as he gets older doing what he does because he realises the importance of having good musicians in the band around him.
    - On stage it takes him back to the the first tour he did.
    - What he does has continued so long because the band believes in what they do
    - He's lived a charmed life which is why he writes less
    - He's writing a soundtrack at the moment so he doesn't have to write any words (didn't say what the soundtrack was for)
    - He despairs about what he does because it doesn't mean anything.

  7. 6 Music have now posted the interview - - only about 2 minutes long.

  8. Suspect as it is the BBC it can only be listened to in the UK

  9. this is the little interview from a program:

    but its only 1:36

    someone could uploading the 2 minutes part, i dont know if the same, i can listening