Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cure at Hurricane special on ZDF Kultur

"There will be 1 hour of the Cure's gig at Hurricane Festival on German television (zdf Kultur) on 13th July, 5 p.m. cet. It can also be seen online at the same time (and for the next 7 days)." (Thanks Tina)

Update (July 12th, 2012): The video is up! Watch it here or on YouTube.
Webcast setlist: Pictures of You, High, Lovesong, Robert Interview, Sleep When I'm Dead, The Hungry Ghost, Bananafishbones, Robert interview, The Walk, Friday I'm In Love, Doing the Unstuck, Robert interview, Want, Wrong Number.
And the audio rip at SummerCure. (Thanks Secamfr)


  1. Watched it The Hungry Ghost and Sleep When I'm Dead. The songs in the setlist might not change much for the summer tour, but the boys be playing extremely well...extremely tight!

  2. I will have to finish watching it later, but it sounds great! I'm so thankful to have all these videos. It doesn't replace being there live, but it helps soften the blow of not being able to go!

    I don't understand the camera work sometimes, though. "Wow, Robert Smith is doing an awesome dance! We better cut away and show the crowd."

  3. Again i made a sound rip in 320k, nothing to touch this times, sound is perfect (just cut the interviews) !