Friday, July 13, 2012

Shockwaves NME Awards Big Gig 2009 DVD

"This is a first time share for this video...It's the complete pro-shot "Shockwaves NME Awards Big Gig 2009" show (all 23 songs complete).
I recorded this from Australian cable TV in June 2012, there are some slight imperfections eg. it was broadcast in 4:3 instead of 16:9, and there's a little bit of broadcast compression which make it look a little choppy, most obvious during the end credits, it's no big deal, most people probably won't even notice... I recorded and am sharing in the best quality possible for standard definition DVD, so any imperfections were in the original TV broadcast...

To keep the quality as high as possible I'm sharing it as a "dual layer DVD" (complete show on 1 disc), but as dual layer DVD's aren't always available to everyone I'm also sharing it split over 2 standard size DVD's.... Both are exactly the same quality...
So you have the following 2 download options (all download links below).
*Show on 1 dual layer DVD = size 7.2GB (29 parts)
*Show split over 2 standard DVD's = DVD 1 size 3.7GB (15 parts), DVD 2 size 3.4GB (14 parts) 

It's going to take some time/patience downloading from RapidShare 250MB at a time, but I tried some of the file servers which take larger files like 10GB at a time, but they were overall even slower!

Sorry I haven't created a menu or song track/splits..., these DVD's are straight off my DVD Recorder and I really only ever watch these types of things complete so no tracks really doesn't bother me!

Brent (Bomber1978)"
26th February 2009 - The O2 Arena - London, England

underneath the stars
from the edge of the deep green sea
the perfect boy
the end of the world
sleep when i'm dead
a forest
three imaginary boys
shake dog shake
maybe someday
the only one
in between days
just like heaven
the hungry ghost
one hundred years
it's over 
boys don't cry
jumping someone else's train
grinding halt
10.15 saturday night
killing an arab

DUAL LAYER DVD (7.2GB) (29 parts)

PART 01/29

PART 02/29

PART 03/29

PART 04/29

PART 05/29

PART 06/29

PART 07/29

PART 08/29

PART 09/29

PART 10/29

PART 11/29

PART 12/29

PART 13/29

PART 14/29

PART 15/29

PART 16/29

PART 17/29

PART 18/29

PART 19/29

PART 20/29

PART 21/29

PART 22/29

PART 23/29

PART 24/29

PART 25/29

PART 26/29

PART 27/29

PART 28/29

PART 29/29

STANDARD DVD 1 of 2 (DVD 1 - 3.7GB) (15 parts)

PART 01/15

PART 02/15

PART 03/15

PART 04/15

PART 05/15

PART 06/15

PART 07/15

PART 08/15

PART 09/15

PART 10/15

PART 11/15

PART 12/15

PART 13/15

PART 14/15

PART 15/15

STANDARD DVD 2 of 2 (DVD 2 - 3.4GB) (14 parts)

PART 01/14

PART 02/14

PART 03/14

PART 04/14

PART 05/14

PART 06/14

PART 07/14

PART 08/14

PART 09/14

PART 10/14

PART 11/14

PART 12/14

PART 13/14

PART 14/14 2 of 2 - 3.4GB - The Cure - 26th February 2009 - Shockwave NME Awards Big Gig - The O2 Arena - London_ England.part14.rar


  1. Awesome, will download when on my proper PC!

  2. hope someone can download this and make it a torrent. Thanks to the uploader!!

  3. Hi guys,
    I recorded this from Australian cable TV (and made the share/upload).
    I was wrong to say the Australian broadcast was the first ever broadcast, as I have found it on You Tube from a Brazilian broadcast (however the Brazilian broadcast is kind of ruined by Portugese subtitles for all the song words),and doesn't seem to have ever been shared on the internet apart from You Tube...

    Strangely just like the Australian broadcast the Brazilian broadcast was also broadcast in 4:3 (instead of 16:9), and has some compression (the picture is a little bit choppy in places (very obvious during the end credits), so it's not the fault of the Australian broadcaster as I originally suspected!
    So seeing as all the broadcasts have these slight imperfections this is probably the best quality this 'complete' show will surface in, I recorded with the highest quality possible for standard definition DVD...

  4. Rev Heron, when I recorded this from TV I saw you in the crowd early in the show, I also recognised *I think Fuji during the end credits, and I also recognised *I think a lady named Debbie who was near me at Reflections in Sydney..., and *I think a guy named Hugh from MFC ? ? ?
    Anyway I tried to contact you to offer to send you the DVD a couple of weeks ago but you didn't seem to have the 'message' button on your Facebook page enabled so I couldn't contact you...

    1. Hi Brent,
      I'm sorry that you couldn't reach me! Were you on my right Facebook page? This is the right one and if you would like to friend request me there then I will be happy to accept.

  5. that dvd are out in store ? or only download?

  6. Well only a small correction, stop our friend Brent. the tv Brasilera same as you had fixed was the first to broadcast this show complete and uncut, although they put subtitles in Portuguese for all the songs, which I think is horrible. Despite all the TV in Brazil that was the case Multishow HD now the show in full HD quality that is 1920 x 1080. I even taped the cable TV here in Brazil to put the recordings are encrypted, I can only watch on cable TV decoder. still can not decrypt. when you can certainly disponibilizarei for all fans of THE CURE, the version that is on youtube was a version that managed to record hd however converted to 4.3 or the file is compressed to play on youtube. which was a shame.

  7. Actually this show was broadcast in Europe on Servus TV in September 2010 and I have been looking for it ever since... It was in 16:9...

    Bloody Rapidshare limiting the service to 30kb/s will take a while but im on part 7 haha.

  8. Holy crap this is taking an AGE to download. Is a rapidpro account much faster? I plan to torrent the dualdisc but it'll take me 6 months at this rate to get the parts!

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  10. Hi guys,
    When I uploaded this Australian broadcast I never really took a close look at the Brazilian version at You Tube because as soon as I saw it I noticed it was also 4:3, so I presumed it was originally broadcast in 4:3 like the Australian version, but having looked again I can see the logo on the screen on the Brazilian version says "Multishow HD" (I wonder what posessed someone to converted a 16:9 HD recording to standard def 4:3 ??? - simply uploading 16:9 HD to You Tube will not convert it to 4:3), very bad idea whoever did that!
    It seems that the UK and Brazilian HD broadcasts from 2 years ago were broadcast by cable channels that make it either impossible, or extremely complicated to record to your Blu ray / HD recorder or hard drive, as I haven't seen any 16:9 HD versions anywhere on the internet in the 2 years since they were broadcast...

    So for now this Australian broadcast is the best quality this show will be able to be shared around in...

    You can downloaded it as a "torrent" at, it should be reasonably fast to download as a torrent...
    I've tried posting the link here but it does not work when posted outside of (this has nothing to do with me!!!). You can find it in the "video" section there for a fast download...

  11. Tony, I think you understand the problem with having the HD recording on your 'cable TV box' is that it's impossible for you to transfer and record it in high definition to a HD Blu-ray/DVD Recorder, as no HD recorders have a high definition input to record from external devices, they can only input an external device in standard definition not HD. The only HD programmes they can record in high definition are the programmes the internal receiver in the HD recorder picks up transmission from (like free to air HD TV programmes not external "cable TV boxes').

    The only way to get HD off your "cable box" is limited to just a few ways of transferring it to your PC/laptop (not a HD DVD/Blu-ray Recorder), it's a bit of a process as you have to unscrew and take apart your 'cable TV box', pull out the internal hard drive and use a docking station and USB to connect it to your PC/laptop and then record it properly with the right software etc. etc.

    Seeing as nobody has got around to doing this in the 2 years since the HD broadcasts in Europe and Brazil I don't think anyone will be doing it anytime soon...
    Best make do with this standard definition Australian broadcast!

  12. Brent okay. from already thank you for providing this show for all fans of THE CURE. I want to buy a capture card. when I do I will surely rip this show in HD quality and available for all fans of THE CURE even tell you they are contributing to this fantastic blog. Well once again thank you for providing this fantastic show.

  13. Cheers, got the torrent link now!

  14. Hi Tony,

    It seems the process of getting 16:9 high definition off the Brazilian cable TV box isn't quite as complicated as getting it off the UK cable box...

    With the UK cable box you need to unscrew the hard drive, take it out and dock it to a docking station, transfer it to a PC with the correct hardware/software...

    I think the Brazilian cable box isn't quite as complicated?, I'm told it has a USB port?, but as you said your PC doesn't have the right hardware...

  15. Thanks again - and thanks for the torrent link, that was much quicker :)

  16. I downloaded 5five of these over two days, and then suddenly the links stopped working! Were they removed from the server? :( :( :(