Friday, July 13, 2012

Close Encounters in Milan

"My friend and I met the band in Milan as we were staying in the same hotel, Roger, Jason and Simon arrived back after the concert around 1.30 with Robert around 3 hours later.
In the picture with Robert I joked with him "Can you smile in this photo please as the one I had with you 10 years ago you looked miserable in it" so he did this great exaggerated smile, then a miserable face again!!!" More photos with the band here
(Thank Tom (Cureboy) & Katerina)

Update: "Sending you just a few more pics from Milan with Robert! Despite the lateness of the hour he was so polite and talkative..simply adorable!

He signed some 7 inches i had with me..we chatted a bit and then he went up to his room :)

luv luv luv the 'IF ONLY' comment right next to 'happy the man'!" (Thanks Katerina)


  1. Hah, brilliant. These pictures are not nearly as awkward as photos of this kind tend to be. I suppose it helps if someone else holds the camera. ;)

  2. Reeves is kick-ass! Great photos!

  3. great smile from Robert! haha...

  4. You guys are adorablez!!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Way to go Tom and Katerina!

  6. Terrific photos! Congratulations!

  7. "He signed some 7 inches i had with me..we chatted a bit and then went up to his room :)"

    This makes it sound like you went up to his room with him! o.O

    These are great pictures. What a special memory!

  8. lol...he went up...HE went up to his room!!!!
    katerina x

    1. Hahaha..I will add that to your comments. :)

  9. His declaration seems to be that he is NOT happy. That makes me very sad...

  10. Tom, Katerina. Congratulations. You were very luck!! We had a fantastic Night in Milan. Very close to the stage and sharing our love and passion for The Cure. I really enjoy to share the concert with you and see your pics with Robert!!!! Woow.... Love to Grecia!!!!!

  11. it was great meeting you too Marvin! :) till next time! xx