Friday, July 13, 2012

Another question for the Cure guitar experts

From James: "Seeing Robert's beautiful acoustic spot was hugely inspiring. I also happen to be in the market for a new acoustic guitar (black of course). So, naturally I'm looking at Schecter's RS-1000, but I note that it's lacking any pick-ups. Does anyone know what specification of pick-up Robert has added to his stage edition/s to get them plugged into the PA?"


  1. Maybe it's a piezo, hidden internally? Or something at the bridge?

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  3. I have a note on this somewhere but I can't seem to find it. I'll keep looking, but I'm pretty sure the brand is Fishman.

    1. Schecter uses Fishman electronics in their other acoustic offerings. Seems like now days most are built in to the guitar instead of being an add on pickup like in the old days.

  4. for a true cure acoustic sound, you should get an ovation custom legend 12-string, as seen in JLH video. he played it from 87-97 or so.

  5. I love the sound of 12-string acoustics but I hate tuning them. They're meant for people with roadies/techs. :)

  6. @exploding boy, the new legend has a tuner built in...

  7. @exploding boy, the new legend has a tuner built in...

  8. Hey, Gary. I know, most acoustic-electrics now have tuners built-in; but the hassle is actually tuning 12 strings instead of 6. Especially with temperature and other changes. What do you think of the newer Ovations? I don't like the design around the sound-hole.

  9. Hi all, I've now written to Schecter to see if they know. If that fails, then maybe our friend Roger might tell us ;0)

  10. I wrote to Schecter:


    I'm interested in buying an RS-1000 acoustic, but am curious as to which pick-up/s Robert Smith has fitted to his stage edition/s, as I too would need to modify/customise for connection to a PA and as another option for recording in addition to mic'ing it.

    Any details you can supply would be very much appreciated.

    Best regards,


    They replied with:

    ">Fishman matrix infinity with volume and time knobs added on top front
    >of guitar

    Thanks Schecter. What you lack in pleasantries, you make up for in speed.

  11. I just spent a few mins trying to work out what was meant by "time knob", wondering whether there was some kind of built-in delay feature or something... Then it dawned on me, the dude must have meant "tone knob"!!