Sunday, October 5, 2008

Roger plays London on Oct. 18th

Roger and Erin will be playing in London on Oct. 18th. More info from Roger's website: "I am playing a show on the 18th of October at the Concrete Cafe which is part of the Hayward Gallery one of my favourite places in the world. Its part of the South Bank complex on the Thames in London. I have written a new piece of music for it and Erin is going to perform a special set before,
it should be an amazing evening and its free!"

Roger's new album, Songs From the Silver Box, is scheduled for release on Jan. 20th, 2009. For more info on all of Roger's projects, check out his newly redesigned website. Very nice!


  1. It IS a nice website. Very simple but easy to navigate. I read the bio. It looks like it was a good thing he was forced out, as he seems to have been unhappy and ready to leave. I'm glad he's happy.

    I'm curious to know which songs he co-wrote and which parts of Disintegration, though. I had heard Robert wrote the keyboard parts, but I guess that's not true?


  2. muldfeld - i heard robert wrote keys and even co-credited lol even though there really wasn't much collaboration from him, and after lol getting the boot, roger came in for the tour and videos.

    am i right?

  3. Thanks, Andy. I think I read that Lol was credited with "other instruments" because he didn't do anything, but Roger is credited in the liner notes, so he must have come earlier. I think I read that he came in for the Kiss Me sessions and was shocked that Lol was kept in the band since he had little keyboard talent or something. So, my sense is Roger was there at the tail end of Kiss Me and was there from the start of Disintegration.

  4. Andy: No, Roger came in for the Kissing Tour in 87. He was a full member for Disintegration.

  5. Muld: My memory is failing on what Roger did for Disintegration, but I know Fear of Ghosts was his demo, though it was radically different from the final version. And I'm pretty sure he co-wrote the music for Homesick, or had a hand in it. There's a story about how that came together, but I don't remember it. Maybe it was Roger and Boris "jamming" together, then the rest joined in?

    On The Cure, (I Don't Know What's Going) On was Roger's demo called Strings.

  6. Wait, I think it might have been Untitled, not Homesick.

  7. I am glad that Roger is finding his own way as a solo artist.

    I wish we would hear more from Perry. Or hear ANYTHING from Perry. I miss him terribly.

  8. which are the real reasons for why they were kicked out? i never knew.. never saw any interview about it or anything, always been intrigued..

  9. Same here. Perry is one hell of a nice guy, and deserves nothing but happiness in his life.

  10. craig, my heart ACHES for perry. he is not just nice, but very talented. he deserves to be able to play with another band.

  11. I miss Perry as well. I can't find anything on him. I hope he is well and is happy.

  12. roger and i spoke before one of the shows on the curiousa tour. i mentioned how someone in the making of "the cure" album was a big problem for some of the members of the cure (i'm trying to be nice here....and not get in trouble for defaming anyone). he agreed. i asked him what was he going to do when they went into the studio again? he said, "i'm not going into the studio again." I asked, "does robert know this?" "no" he said.

    as the next few nanoseconds zipped by at the realization of what he'd just told me. i jokingly said, "well.....i'm gonna go tell him."

    we both laughed and started talking about other things at that point.

    so i kinda felt privileged that day. having been told what i'm sure only a few knew at the time.

  13. Thanks, Craig. Which ever Disintegration track it was, both were great! I can't believe Homesick wasn't on the original album! (Since the CD notes that "Last Dance" and "Homesick" were not on the vinyl)

  14. Although I'm thrilled to have Porl back, Perry was a great accompanying man, guitar and keyboard whenever it was needed!

    Maybe Robert didn't know how to ask him to shift instruments without it seeming he was "demoting" him. I don't know if this was the answer, though.

  15. roger=untitled
    babble= their dog playing lol's parts
    fear of ghosts= roger

    KISS ME X3

    Like cockatoos=porl
    Icing Sugar= Simon
    Perfect Girl=Simon
    Japanese Dream=Boris drum demo

    Off to Sleep=Simon

    This is a Lie=Perry

    The Cure:
    Don't Know whats going on=Roger

    i believe this is accurate from what they have told me and from what i have read

  16. oh and on the new one Please project (the Only One) please project was a much better title

    anyway was confirmed to me by jason at download as being a simon song and i forgot that mint car from WMS is as well

  17. Nice design, clean & simple. It's good to see Roger is doing well with the solo stuff! Glad to see him happy!