Friday, October 10, 2008

All Kinds Of Stuff

Just wanted to clear out some stuff from the inbox, before things get really busy around here.

Check out Luke/NINCure's tattoos.

Some Cure covers:
Pictures of You by Chaos Borne
A Forest by Malakoff
2Late by Tomihira
The Figurehead by STROSZeK
The Drowning Man by None
(Thanks Dave, Emma, Dennis, Mike, RV)

Um, a pole dance to Lullaby. Yep, seen it all now. : )
(Thanks Dan)


  1. ok, that was just funny. Lullaby pole dance XD

  2. "Um, a pole dance to Lullaby. Yep, seen it all now"


    this place is going to implode from excitement in a couple of days!

  3. For the record meebo-fans - that is NOT me!!!! LOL

  4. That's Joanna and I from Sunflies dancing in the Malakoff video. We were headlining that night and it really gave me a boost to hear A Forest live beforehand! Thanks Malakoff!

  5. She reminded me of a gazelle. Leaping high...slowly and gracefully, and of course the music iced it. Cool!

  6. j'aime plus le tatoo (cure) et la danse !!

  7. I started to watch the pole dance and 3 co-workers of mine stopped by my desk & scared the shit out of me. I thought it was my boss and if she caught me goofing around on the net, I'd gt my ass kicked.

    So they all gave me a strange look like what the fuck are you looking at that for??? But once they heard the music, they know I was there for that & not the dance.

    So we continued to watch & thought wow she sure knows how to work that pole. We all broke out in hysterical laughter after viewing the video! It was quite funny LOL!!!! :)

  8. Pole dance was so good I reached into my wallet for a a fiver... ;-)


  9. "Mainly wanted to show off my new hair"


  10. That comment was funny, I'm wondering what kind of hair she was referring to??? BLAH!!!!!! :P

  11. exactly, she looked like she'd just had a wax to me.

  12. Seen it all now, Craig? Do you remember the burlesque routine that Little Brooklyn did to Lullaby, which you posted here a few years ago?

  13. Shawn: Yeah, that does seem familiar, now that you mention it. : )