Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Charts update

Hypnagogic States
Spain - down to #2 from #1 (3rd week; 2nd week was also at #1)
France - down to #44 from #39 (2nd week)
Europe - down to #71 from #68 (2nd week)
(Thanks Pietro)


  1. Sadly I see it nowhere on any of the US charts. :(

  2. Nope, didn't make any charts in the US.

  3. Too bad!!! :(

    There hasn’t been much promotion of it on the radio nor the stores. I hope the new album gets more endorsement than the singles & the ep!

  4. French Radio has just played the CD version of UTS. Excellent of course but not "easy" very complex mixed
    Of course it is only the first time i heard it.
    Don't know if it has been played on the radio anywhere before??
    sorry for my bad english