Thursday, June 5, 2008

Erin & Roger play NXNE

"Erin has confirmed an appearance at this years NXNE music festival in Toronto. We will be appearing with the Toronto band at The Savannah Rooms on the 14th of June, then I will be heading back to the UK to start work on a new live show for the Autumn."


  1. who's roger o'donnell?

    i'm just KIDDING everyone. calm down.

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  3. Roger is:

    the nicest guy I ever met

    tied with Alan Wilder for greatest keyboardist ever

    the reason I had the chance to have so many great Cure adventures

    a great comedian - ha!

    ace photographer : )

    one of the main reasons that COF was so much fun from 1999-2003

    and someone I will never be able to thank enough.

    Oh, and he plays a pretty mean tambourine too. : )

    All hail KGR!

  4. And I know that might be a bit much, but I seriously feel that way. He didn't have to do a thing for me, yet he always did.

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  6. Ahhh.... I really miss Alan Wilder.

  7. Roger, like Craig, is indeed a class act. I don't know him well, but I'm familiar enough to say without equivocation that he's a wonderful human being, and, whether he be handling a Moog or a camera, a kick-ass artist. Furthermore, no matter how brilliant the arrangements, I will miss him muchly on 06/13. :-(

  8. I'm glad he left The Cure .... otherwise, he may never have started his own label and I may never have had the opportunity to have my music released (99x Out of 10 '05 sampler).

    Yeah, I'm selfish.

    And yes, he is a fine human being.

  9. Now that's a good way of looking at it! : )

  10. I'm a proud owner of that sampler! I treasure it!

    Yep, Roger having his own label is really cool! :-)

  11. Pod - Have you discussed it with him? Did HE say it would be selfish act?

  12. Vassillious - "Pod" is "Podgirl", but Craig's comment was actually meant for the Phoenix discussion, not this one..... he's a busy boy!