Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cure gets positive press from NME...

...world to end very soon, Hell reports snow flurries. : )
NME at the Hollywood Bowl
(Thanks Brian)


  1. great photo! i didn't realize robert had asked perry and roger back into the band!

  2. Ha! I was so shocked by the positive story, I didn't even notice. Way to go NME, you never change. : )

  3. Was that a special version of Why Can't I Be You? The Why Can't I Curse You? Special One??

  4. Hey guys help me out here. Can you refresh my memory on what happened between Perry-Roger, and Rogert Smith that lead to their departure.

    Also what is the story between Craig and Robert Smith? I keep reading this little parts to the story but I'm still lost.


  5. Once again, I feel like a traitor: I'm going to another show tonight, so I won't be around for most of tonight's show chat. I will try to check in when I get home - it's possible they'll still be playing encores in San Diego by the time I get back from Red Rocks, but I don't know. :( Anyway, I hope you guys have fun and I will miss chatting with you all! I should be able to make it in for Phoenix tomorrow night. :)

  6. who are you seeing tonight, v?

  7. MonkeyButt: REM w/ Modest Mouse. I'm not a huge fan of either band, but Red Rocks is such a great venue that I figured if I ever checked either of them out live, this would be the place to do it! :)

  8. V - we'll miss you, but have a great time at Red Rocks!

  9. Archangel - Let's not go back to that horrible time.

  10. V - REM and Modest Mouse!!! So jealous. Say hi to Johnny Marr for me. : )

  11. Thanks Craig. :) I admit I am going to have a hard time not letting my mind stray with thoughts like, "Hmm, wonder what the opener was? Are they going to play any new songs? Will Paul be giving any 'special updates'?" :D

  12. Craig: I will tell Johnny you say hi, for sure!! ;) Every thing I have heard about this show is good, so I think I will have a good time, even if I don't know either of the bands' songs that well.

  13. It's Paul's last show, so I'm guessing he goes a bit wild tonight.
    But you can never really be sure with Paul. : )

  14. Craig: He'd better show Simon some love this time! ;) Too bad Paul didn't accept your offer to cover the rest of the tour!

  15. v, are the national playing red rocks as openers? if they are, check them out! their latest album is freaking brilliant.

  16. V - did you see where they're playing tonight? The COX Arena. : )
    Why didn't Cat go to this show? : )

  17. MonkeyButt: Yes, actually, they are! I really hope I will be able to catch their set, but the person I'm going with had something come up at the last minute, so we may get there a bit after the show is supposed to start. :( I hope I will get to see them, though!

  18. Craig: NOOOO!!! Hahahahhah! :D That certainly sets the tone for tonight's chat (as if the tone needed setting)...

    Cat must not have known the venue name, else she would have been there to jump Simon Gallup's choo-choo for sure!

  19. Monkey - you catch the REM/MM show already? How were they? Is REM doing any early stuff?

    They don't hit New Orleans until late Oct., playing the Voodoo Fest with NIN.

  20. craig, no i missed the bowl show. bummer, i wanted to go, but wasn't able to make it. never seen modest mouse either... :(

  21. Craig: this is all i could find online about rem set from greek theater

    These Days
    Living Well Is the Best Revenge
    Begin the Begin
    What's the Frequency, Kenneth
    Man-sized Wreath
    So. Central Rain
    Hollow Man
    Disturbance at the Heron House
    Final Straw
    I've Been High
    Let Me In
    Losing My Religion
    Bad Day
    Horse to Water
    Orange Crush
    Man on the Moon

    Supernatural Superserious
    Fall on Me
    Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)
    The One I Love
    Until the Day Is Done
    I'm Gonna DJ

  22. "...world to end very soon, Hell reports snow flurries. : )"


    Craig, darling, you crack me up, you really do!

    What are you guys going to do on Friday, 06/13? The Cat, she's gonna be with me and another inveterate Cure-aholic (or two) at the Ft. Lauderdale gig. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    Let us pray to whatever god(s)/goddess(es) we believe/don't believe in for 'Underneath the Stars'!

    Did I say SQUEEEEEEE!!!

  23. Thanks Joe! Wow, that'll work.
    So. Central Rain, Fall On Me, Begin The Begin, These Days, Auctioneer, Heron House, Carnival of Sorts.

    Damn you V! : )

  24. Joe - can you e-mail me when you get the chance? need to talk to you about the Texas shows.

  25. Craig: :D

    *doesn't look at any of the songs from the setlist*

  26. rem are playing at msg the night before the cure. i'll be there!

  27. v- one of my brothers bands opened for modest mouse (who i have and do love) a while back and when i saw marr after the show i stood there with a ginger ale in my hand like i was made out of stone. what a loser! i hope you are less starstruck! xo

  28. i'm still waiting for the rolling stone cover!!! :D

  29. Sofia - he's Johnny Freaking Marr! Of course you were starstruck.

  30. craig, well fft. of course. but then i had to HIDE in the bathroom to avoid seeing him again for the rest of the night. such a weirdo. my brother? chatted him up all night. freaking people with composure.

    he's playing with REM in rochester soon. he'll be fine then too.

  31. Yeah, that pic of the old line-up is annoying - but then, The Cure change line-ups as often as I change tampons on the first day of my period, so there ya go.

  32. well now.. that was a pretty short review, if you can call it that. i wish they had more nice things to say ;).

    sofia - whats the name of your brother's band? i want to listen to them!

  33. dj scribbles, my bother plays percussion for Love As Laughter, drums for TK Webb & The Visions and The Comas


    he also toured with blood on the wall (http://www.myspace.com/bloodonthewall )

  34. Craig, actually I don´t think it is that much of a positive review. It is rather neutral I would say. More of a report than a proper review. It mentions that the crowd loved The Cure but it never really gets to state the writer's own opinion about the show. Maybe he liked it, maybe he didn´t.