Friday, June 6, 2008

Freakshow set for June 13th in NZ

"Good news for NZ fans, the 'mighty' universal in NZ are on to it for this next single. FreakShow is released domestically here on Friday 13th, and should be in shops on the Monday! so thats great, they are going to be releasing both the following singles about a week after the US dates. Great News for us kiwi fans! "
(Thanks Alastair)


  1. any previews? like the only one had.

  2. Alastair - That sucks! Bloody Universal have screwed up the release in Oz too.

  3. mighty universal release it in AUSTRIA on 13th of june, and on this day it will be at the mediamarkt. they didn´t get the only one from universal, but freakshow the will get for sure.d