Monday, June 2, 2008

Lol at The Shrine

Lol comments on the Shrine show. Good for Lol! Love to hear that.
(Thanks Andy)


  1. It´s good read some stuff like that from Lol.

    I wonder, Is Lol wishing since RS fired him to have a chance to go back with Cure?

    Does he remember how to play the songs ?

    I know after he sued RS, both bury the hatched, so the next year is 30th Cure anniversary.

    Should RS give him a chance to take part of it ?

    I think the fans thoughts goes from totally hate Lol to people who missed him.

    Only the time allows to give us the answer.

  2. This is one fan who NEVER hated Lol.

  3. i met lol in vegas at a music conference he and his wife are the nicest folks in the world. very sweet and totally cool.

  4. i could've done without "animal skins lol", tbh.

  5. Lol is humble, intelligent, has good taste in literature, and he's a good musician in his own right.

  6. What if Lol was able to join the cure playing keyboards?

  7. I never hated Lol, either.
    That lawsuit thing was some sad business but I actually never hold it against him.

  8. I'd say that there's about a 99% chance that Lol with NOT rejoin The Cure. He's happy doing what he's doing right now. However, I wouldn't totally rule him out for some kind of special event.

  9. I don't see Lol rejoining the band either. Something gives me the impression that the current line up will be around for a while; if not till the end. But of course with RS you can't rule anything out.