Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Perfect Boy on Stereogum

Stereogum has a story up that highlights The Perfect Boy. Unfortunately, they link to the Red Rocks version, where Robert's voice was still suffering.
(Thanks Scott)


  1. "and the video quality is bad enough to not have Robert Smith's makeup haunt your dreams".

    So well done on putting a giant picture of him right above your article.

  2. Andrew - But if they hadn't posted that photo, they couldn't post this:

    "The Cure in 2008, everybody. Sasquatch! taught us it's not a pretty sight..."


  3. Well at least the website was praising the bands music and therefore has a point, unlike TMZ which.....what exactly do TMZ do?

  4. Yeah, that version sucks ass - poor Bob. It's not his fault. His vocals sound so amazing on the other non-cold versions. I really think it's the strongest of the pop songs and I can't wait to hear the studio version. I lurv it.

    People are just so mean about Robert's appearance. I know that it's fashionable to be cynical and rude, but whatever.

    Not that I'm not incapable of appreciating some ironic humor once in a while regarding his looks, though. The "Heath Ledger Joker" comment was rather funny.

    But yeah, I'm sick of the press being so ridiculous over Robert's looks.

  5. er, not incapable = incapable

    gotta love them double negs!

  6. sterogum is just a bunch of hipster douchebags anyhow. pay them no mind.