Thursday, May 12, 2016

El Paso preview article

Local fans gush over The Cure before Don Haskins Show

Formed in 1970s England on the heels of the punk rock revolution, The Cure crept into the music scene and never looked back. Fronted by Robert Smith, the soft-spoken, wild-coiffed, lipstick-wearing guitarist and vocalist, the band has exhibited amazing longevity and relevance.

Marina Monsisvais, a longtime Cure fan and all-around music lover, said she’s looking forward to the band’s El Paso show on Tuesday, May 17 at the Don Haskins Center. She has passionately studied bands and music culture throughout life, and for her, the reason The Cure has stuck around for so many years is clear.

“A lot of that has to do with the themes they hit upon – they really resonate with people,” she said. “Things they talk about are universal: love, sadness, unrequited love. Those feelings don’t get old.”

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  1. I expect as amazing a show as the last time with some surprises...the big hand

  2. I admit, still don't get why they are playing El Paso again, when Phoenix is the 6th largest metro area and they could sell out one of the several 12,000 seat arenas...versus a few 1000 tickets at this venue...

    In fact, Vegas (3000 capacity) and El Paso (6000 as they cut it in 1/2) make no sense.

    Why not play 1 show in Phoenix for 12,000?

    But there must be another reason why they are skipping Phoenix, as they have only played there 2x in the past 20 years...

  3. Phoenix is too trendy ..lots of more established acts go occasionally but not always...theyre about whats Hot right now...because Phoenix radio doesn't give The CURE that much airtime El Paso 4 or 5 stations that play the CURE..

  4. That El Paso show isn't cut in half..last time they played go 6000+