Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SHM cds out and an exclusive box?

The Only One didn't get a box, but it looks like those Japanese SHM cds did:

"The 7 SHM-CD´s are out in Japan today (May, 21st). Seems that you can purchase the whole package stocked in a beautiful Pornography Design Box through DISK UNION only. All other shops sell it seperately only - as far as I´ve seen.
Here is the link of disk union - even though you can't see the box. But I´ve checked it in the shop and it looks very nice."
(Thanks Thomas)


  1. japan, what the heck!?
    they get everything over there...

  2. yeah japan is great...i didnt bought it...even the cds are very nice...vinyl replicas...but i have so many cure stuff in different pressings but with the same music on it...enough is enough.

    but they are stupid too - no only one singles here anymore