Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Rag Dog Book

Here's Baby Rag Dog Book live at Red Rocks.
Here's another version of it.
(Thanks Heron and Steve)


  1. Porl´s volume is always so low, don´t you think?

  2. The intro to this track reminds me of Shiver and Shake...

  3. Baby rag sounds great. It got me moving in my chair and I don't dance. Very Rock but still Cure.

  4. carlos: I agree - I could barely hear Porl last night at times!

  5. Full of energy

    Great performance...

    Cure, keep on rocking !!

  6. Great song, very powerful! It does have a bit of similarity with Shiver and Shake. I'm digging it a lot!

    These new songs just get better and better...

  7. There is a 70s rock feel to it...
    It sometimes reminds me of Primary in some aspects

    I wonder if they'd dare to release this one as one of the singles

  8. For 22 years ive listened to this band. BRDB and UTS completely sum up the reason why. They are both un-fucking believable. I know that you cant really categorise the Cure but ive always felt that they have presented a dark side, a middle pop ground and a heavier side with a degree of diversity within each area that is second to none.Personally the dark and the heavy are my absolute cup of tea although I love most of the pop stuff also. These two songs are absolutely IT for me. I never really lost faith during the "Wild Mood through Bloodflowers to The Cure" years but I was a little disappointed with these albums in different ways. I just knew that there was better from this band. You dont make "Disintegration/Pornography/Faith/The Top and so On without ability in the extreme. THIS TOP SHELF ABILITY IS BACK.
    Absolutely cannot wait for September.

  9. samthedog. You couldn't have put it in any better words. I totally agree with every single word you have written there. The Cure are most certainly back!!!!! I love both these songs and there's no part in either track that looks like it's labouring. They are both fantastic from start to finish!!! It's great to have the old goose bumps pop up on a first hearing of a new Cure song. It hasn't been since the Wish album that I've had that feeling!!
    September is such a long way away!!

  10. Hi there everyone! I'm new here, but not with The Cure. I love they since the early '90s. They are the best group in the whole world in my opinion.
    Baby Rag Dog Book is my absolutely favourite one from the new stuffs, along with Underneath The Stars. They are beautiful songs and reminds me of that 'old Cure' what i love very much. A Boy I Never Knew and The Only One are also good songs, the others are correct, but nothing special..except Freakshow what is a mistake, i think. This new album will be better than the last three studio albums, i'm sure..Can't wait for it!!!

  11. This song is great too! I really think this new album is going to be the best since Wish. I've liked every new cut they've played so far.

  12. Thanks Steggles. I was havin a bit of a rant there as i am really excited and I wasnt sure if anyone would agree.I havnt been this excited since Wish.Wouldnt you think that Id grow up!!
    When you add BRDB,UTS,with The Perfect Boy ang A Boy I Never Knew the new material is really really lookin good."The only one" is a better pop song than anything from "The Cure,and WMS IMHO.
    I have to agree with lockjaw (welcome by the way) about Freakshow though. I heard it at Berlin and Wembley and I am not convinced. To contrdict this however I have to say that I wasnt that impressed with "The Only One" when I heard it at both of these shows yet I think the studio version is excellent. Maybe we should reserve judgement on "Freak" until its studio release. All in all its still adding up to exciting times.

  13. I never thought the Cure "lost it" and think WMS/BF/TC feature some of the best Cure songs ever. The only thing that grated on me for BF and TC was the mix, which I felt made otherwise solid songs very flat and lifeless.

    That said, these new songs are perhaps in a higher tier than the songs on TC. I love love love Lost/Lab/B43/EOTW/TGB/GN from TC, but I think Underneath the Stars and Baby Rag are even better, based on what I can hear so far. Underneath the Stars is bewitching, and Baby Rag is thrashy post-punky deliciousness.

    I also raelly like Sleep and Perfect Boy and ABINK. NY Trip is cool but of course it doesn't matter... and the Only One can just die a painful death as far as I'm concerned.

    I do like Freakshow and I think the album version will even be better.

    If Robert fails to include ANY of these new songs (barring The Only One) on the new album I will lose all faith. I am really worried that he will impetuously decide to leave off some of the best songs, thinking that he'll release them on that Christmas album he's been talking about, and then never get around to releasing that album. What a shame that would be.

  14. this ones a bastard between shiver & shake and killing an arab.
    very punky actually, they've never been so close to 3 imaginary boys (the album) ever before.
    and a very unusual main set closer though! somehow refreshing..I have to confess.

    it's my personal nr.2 from the new songs so far (if you can judge songs by the poor quality on you tube)

    "the new album" charts:-)

    1) underneath the stars
    2) baby rag dog book
    3) sleep when I'm dead
    4) the perfect boy
    5) the only one
    6) freakshow

  15. Spare, I was just thinking I'd like to rate the songs too!

    My ranking:

    1) UTS
    2) BRDB
    3) PB*
    4) SWID*
    5) ABINK
    6) FS
    7) OO

    I like NY Trip too but will not include it since it's a b-side.

    *These songs are essentially tied for me, and I alternate between liking one or the other better.

  16. Sorry off subject but anyone know if there's a studio version of Forever?

  17. only "studio" version of forever is a version from BBC session... don't seek it out it sucks... it's also rumoured that "three" on seventeen seconds is forever

  18. well yeah I completely forgot about boy I knever knew...don't know why cause I love it.
    maybe because it it not "realy" a new song.

    I think it's my number 3...
    well have to wait for the studioversion of baby rag dog book
    but so far..

  19. The awesomeness of these new tracks almost makes the endless delays a distant memory.

  20. I agree with the above comment re: 'The Cure' album - there were some great songs on there - let down, as we all know, by the lame shite production. Has anyone seen the DVD that came with it? - Ross Robinson appears to be in love with Jason (i.e. he's a failed/fantasist drummer) and spends his entire time standing in front of the kit playing air drums - as if to 'conduct' Jason. What a fucking twat.

    Someone who can rob a simple pop song like 'I Don't Know...' of all it's bounce and sparkle really is in a non-talent league of their own.

    And I rate Bloodflowers number 2 of my favourites (Dis. = no.1).

    Anyway - who'd have thought a classic Cure album in September?

    Come on you Cure!

  21. Clockwise: I missed to mention sleep when im dead when I was raving about the new material. How could I????
    Your summation of TC BF & WMS is spot on. My dissapointment with these was the mix as was yours. I recognise and agree that each of these albums have on them some of the best Cure tracks ever eg: Want,Out of this World, Bloodflowers,Lost, Going Nowhere.But how the fuck can you include "Never" and leave out "This Morning".I kind of understand your dislike for The Only One but in the same breath The Cure have always left room for pop. If I have to accept that there will be pop well The Only One improves on Alt End or Taking Off IMHO. If you categorise The Cure (God Forbid) into Dark,Heavy and Pop then Pop takes third place for me every time. I suspect you maybe of similar mind.

    New Song Ratings For Me.


    NY TRIP would sit between SWID and ABINK if I could include it.

    Now time for me to Shut The F**K UP for a little while.

  22. zap, Three isn't Forever. After listening to a live version of the latter and the studio version of the former, I think that Forever might be a reworking of Three, which, in essence, makes it a different song, more so than Taking Off and The Dragon Hunter Song.

  23. Oh, and to eric, I get what you mean about the '70s rock feel. I think that some parts of it sound like the band is channeling Animals/The Wall era Pink Floyd.

  24. No one else hears the vaguely rockabilly/psychobilly vibe?

    It sounds like he's been listening to a lot of BRMC and some garagey bands...

  25. i heard that dragon hunter song for the first time a few days ago..... it's kinda gay (but it's supposed to sound gay for the show right?)... anyway, i don't know if Taking Off will ever sound the same to me anymore, not that it was that fantastic to begin with.

  26. corrosive: there is a much better version of taking off at you tube.. i need to bookmark it or something because it's truly awesome. i don't like taking off at all but this version was great -robert sings in a lower register and it's more melancholy.

    i kinda like the goofiness of dragon hunter's.

  27. yeah clockwise i think i've seen the video you are talking about, definetely a better version. I like taking off, but lyrically it doesn't really do much for me. The Dragon Hunter song is kinda fun you're right.... but at the same time i don't think i would ever listen to it in front of anyone cause they might think i'm batting for the other team

  28. Well, it was done for a children's show, so it's supposed to sound a bit juvenile. Robert must've been strapped for time, though, because you'd think that he'd make a new song instead of reworking one.

    Look at The Crow. The filmmakers actually wanted to use The Hanging Garden because it was in the graphic novel, but instead, Robert decided to have the band record Burn, which I think was definitely a good choice. Now, if only they could be convinced to play it live...

  29. Have they ever played BURN live? prob not huh

  30. I know I'm in the minority, but I hate Burn. For that matter, I hate HG.

    I used to like both until I had the epiphany that Burn was a tepid rehash of HG, and HG was a lesser song on an otherwise stunning album.

  31. clockwise cat.... you are interesting.... love club america.... hate hanging garden/burn..... ???

  32. to me at least... "forever" is magical only because it's lyrics are dynamic and made up on the spot... i've seen it a few times, very special...
    i think i read the three/forever connection in ten imaginary years... but could never audibly link them... three is pretty crap really... you could 86 three and the 2 instrumentals from 17 seconds and i'd never miss them.

  33. zap: really? I love the sparseness and distant, isolated feeling three and the 2 instrumentals add to 17seconds. It wouldn't be close to the same album to me w/out them.

  34. clockwise,yeah, gotta say you have interesting taste. At least you're favorite song is Holy Hour...awesome choice.

  35. No, Burn has never been played live.

    clockwise, Burn is nothing like THG. Speaking of which, what do you think of the demo version of THG on the deluxe remaster of Pornography?

  36. And speaking of remastering, do you think that Robert will ever take another look at the self-titled album? I don't see why he couldn't change things around on the songs that were included on the original release.

  37. samthedog: you also just summed up my entire cure experience -- even down to the 22 years. i can not wait until september!

  38. todd: you do have a point about the album painting a different picture with those tracks... it actually messes with my brain a little when i hear reflections... thanks to the video staring at the sea, i always think a forest is next... when on the disc a forest follows the final sound.

  39. Another off the subject question but does anyone know what make-up Robert does use and what brand of white moon-boot sneakers he wore on the 1986 reissue sleeve of Boys Don't Cry and in the Just Live Heaven video 1987 and circa that whole period and was it more than one type? Hope someone can tell me.
    Tom ;)

  40. To elaborate on what I mean, I was thinking of something along the lines of what was done with the re-release of The Beatles' Let It Be, tiled Let It Be... Naked, which eliminated the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound" production that was present on the original release, as well as changing a few other things.

  41. shawn, i agree with what you're saying. i have a couple ideas that i'd like.

    1) they get the master tapes and go back and remix the fucker entirely. maybe have dave allen come in and sit around in the mixing room, just for kicks.

    2) they completely destroy the master tapes, pull all copies from everywhere they can find them, and pretend the album never happened.

    just my two cents...

  42. Hi Folks,

    According to this french site, the
    new album will be called

    "Dream 13"..


  43. i hope that's true, actually. dream 13 is a wonderful, mysterious name.

  44. Heh, you can't erase history that way. :) Trent Reznor supposedly tried to do that with at least one of his pre-NIN bands, The Innocent, I believe, after the success of Pretty Hate Machine.

    The story, as told by Alan Cross on the CFNY 102.1 show The Ongoing History of New Music, is that Trent had his sister go around Cleveland, buying up as many copies of his release with The Innocent as she could find, so he could destroy them.

  45. @ thomasleesmith..he wore HI-TEC boots from around 1985-1990..UK made.I remember having the same 2styles he had..great boots.

  46. what about someone start compiling the best sounding versions of the new songs together... we've already have 7 new live songs [The Only One and NY Trip we have with the right sound ;-)]

  47. shawn, if burn is nothing like hg, then why did robert deliberately write a song that sounded like it for the crow soundtrack? besides, to me the similarities are very obvious - but then, each listener discerns his or her own thing.

    i'd have to go back and listen to the hg demo on the remaster to let you know my thoughts.

    i used to love burn and hg, but just got tired of them, that's all. it happens.

  48. shawn and monkeybutt: i agree that the eponymous album needs to be remixed entirely, and some songs discarded in favor of other better ones, and then re-released. maybe robert will do that on the remaster. oh yeah - just ONE version, robert, not 10,000! ONE version with TGB, Fake, GN, TM, and YGIF. But the latter two need to be severely remixed.

  49. @Perfect.murder:
    Yeah I know what hi tecs are I come from London :p

    But are you SURE he wore hi tecs?! :s I always thought they were addidas hi top boots of some kinds but if you're certain and you know I mean the big white moon boots right? Not just ordinary low top trainers...

  50. Btw does anyone know anything about Robert Smith working with Ashlee Simpson?! GROSSE!

  51. It wasn't true. Just Papa Simpson's wishful thinking.

  52. 'thomasleesmith..HI-TEC 200% sure..As i said i used to have the excat same one, first in 1986, and second cerca me on that.

  53. I think people are too harsh when it comes to the Only one, it is a dumb pop song, which Robert Smith admits to, but it is catchy and fun, I usually prefer their darker stuff too, but from what I've heard from this new album reminds me of The Top and Head on the Door era Cure, I bought The Walk e.p. when it first came out and have been listening ever since that day in '83. Freakshow also reminds me of this, I think it's great. Wild mood swings was a decent album, reviewed too harshly I think. Bloodflowers was great. The title track is one of their best yet. The Cure album was good, but Iquestioned some of the omitted tracks, they should have replaced a few of the album tracks. Ups and Downs, I have loved The Cure since 1983 and I will continue loving their music whether quirky, poppy, dark, or downright absurd.

  54. Wow...I just googled the baby rag dog book lyricas and I found this amazing Blog..Thanks God I'm not the only freak that loves The Cure :P...I'll be passing by! Cheers from Argentina!

  55. Carlos.. it's because Robert's a dictator and doesn't want anyone to steal the lime(? - black)light!