Friday, November 7, 2008

What becomes of the broken-hearted?

The Independent has an article about Robert. (Thanks Kate)


  1. Anyone else find it both ironic and hypocritical that he is a grown man moaning about grown men moaning?

    "Is this any way for a grown man to behave?" No, Andy Gill (you bring dishonour to the name Andrew) you are quite correct, you shouldn't behave like that.

  2. "Smith may have changed The Cure's line-up, but its sound, style and attitude have for the most part stayed close to the Disintegration blueprint."

    Aargh! Is Disintegration the only Cure album this guy's heard or what?!

    Anyone else wondering what the point of the article was? Seems to be just a 'let's slag someone off for the hell of it' type thing...

  3. I am finding it increasingly funny that about 85% of all new reviews/articles mention the "I don't want to bring you down about my suicide" lyric. No idea why it sticks out to so many reviewers because I always thought it was fairly humours.

  4. I had to look up five words while reading that article! That Gill is one verbose and prolix fellow, eh?

    Article isn't saying anything we don't already know. Yes, The Cure should've ended after "Wish" and we all know that by now.

    But they haven't. They hang on, as we, too hang on with them. I don't know why. Nor do I care.

  5. actually I thought it was a mixture of the mildly baffled and reasonably synpathetic, given what could be said. No Joan-Crawford's-mother jokes, for instance....

  6. Yawn what a load of clap trap, his album is bursting with life and is hardly wallowing in despair, and who said sadness was only for the young if anything you become more melancholy as you age...

    another poorly written load of tosh espousing the same old cliches and adding nothing new....note to Andy Gill...please be original

  7. note to alistair...ditto...

    'bursting with life' might also aptly be applied to emetic plug-in house fragrances...

    Andy Gill's not a bad writer, and you have to remember that the Independent isn't aimed at fervent Cure fans; hence it's a fairly generic article covering broad ground. I happened across it because I read the Indy, and was just pleased to see Bob there. Some will not have the faintest idea who Robert Smith is. Secondly, it probably fell to Gill as the pop-writer to cover a subject given to him by his section editor (my father used to review poetry for the are usually allotted reviews\articles). It's never meant to be as specific as a gig review - which in the Indy is ususually handled by Simon Price.

    It's so very easy to get all defensive whenever your favourite is mentioned. It's lucky - given the direness of recent albums - that the article featured at all in a daily. I'd be bloody grateful the article was commissionedwritten\published all small. Small mercies...

  8. Robert has 15 years on me I know but am also an emotional infant! However, I do have some perspective on life and firmly believe my namesake has too. Of course the songs are self absorbed, so what? Robert dresses how he likes (and yes he has the "self awareness to realise why he does it" (NME 2008!)- to hide behind and naturally to help sell records! But he knows that, I know that and I am ok with that and Andy Gill can take his tidy hair and pressed trousers and shove them up his.....

  9. Emotional Infant??!!
    Wow. Robert's lyrics could never have been written if he wasn't quite emotionally evolved.
    Andy Gill, you just don't get it. But that's okay, not everyone can.

  10. I am getting tired of Disintegration being the only album that some reviewers mentions.

  11. I found one positive thing in that article: take this sentence
    "...against all expectations, Disintegration weathered initial critical disapproval to lodge itself firmly in fans' hearts..."
    copy it out 12 more times after having taken Disintegration out and replaced it with the titles of the other 12 Cure albums, and there you have the history of The Cure.
    A round of applause for Mr. Gill, even though he's so damn short-sighted...

  12. oh yes...Andy is a superb writer (sarcasm)...if you like to look up pretty words in the dictionary and waste your time reading an article about someone that the writer didn't really bother to do his research upon.....I freakin love Robert for still being himself and not caring what the f*** other people think...the new album is can't always write songs when you are hhhhhappppyyy~~~~????? He writes the best when he is moved to write...most artists today pretty much all sound the same, they can't create anything orignal so they remake a song from the past, or they write just to write which usually turns out to be nothing...and nothing special... SO what I love the most about The Cure is that there is hardly any song that I do not like..from when it was Easy Cure up to now...god they are soooooo amazing and Robert is just adorable and just like Mary Poppins...practically perfect in every way ;)....I could never love him any less or respect him any less for having the balls enough to be many people always have to hide behind themselves and be completely FAKE....we all know where Robert stands...he truly and passionately is a crafter of his music and this is the gift he always consistently serves to his FANS AND TO THE WORLD.....we should be grateful.....fuck you Andy Gill...go write about some group that you SHOULD criticize....

  13. err..quite....

    meanwhile back in the real world....

  14. "sullen disposition" ???...plonker.

  15. This article just screams that at one point Robert snubbed him or something. It just comes off as someone who is bitter and who feels he has been wronged somehow by The Cure. It's entirely OK to not like the new music or to dislike the band as a whole, but there are far better ways to express it. Andy Gill needs to get a life and a real job. Maybe some legitimate journalism? The self absorbed rants of a critic are useless and tiresome. Find a career where you do good in the world.

  16. Has anyone actually read the bit about writers\reviewers being commissioned to write feature pieces in daily papers? No, thought not....

    If the origial feature is said to be self-absorbed, it's more than matched by the vapidity of the reaction on here. So many people ranting against perceived injustices to their 'hero', and the pricelessness of creativity, is if that alone guanateed its quality. What crap.

    No-one mentions Robert being a (very) astute and wily businessman, image-rights and all. Not that there's anythign wrong with this, but the fact never seems ot make it into the precious ivory towerof 'creativity.'

    For what it's worth, I think Bob's creativity dried-up years ago. I keep hoping it will come back, not descend into further and further pastiche.

  17. A fool is destroyed by his own words. He starts out babbling and ends up with sheer insanity. His stupidity will be evident to all he meets along the way. A fool talks on and on, and is too stupid to find his way home.

  18. oh dear falstaff....

    the rest of us are on earth...and my question I pose to you is that if you feel dear old "Bob's creativity dried up years ago"...why do you insist on coming back to badger us?? I live to defend Robert Smith...its what I, of course, no need to acquiesce...hmmm commissioned to write poorly or favourably? surely could have been evened out...

    Sure enough I am a DIE HARD CURE FAN & shall always be on the defense....the man is entitled to his assessment

    so am I

  19. very simply to introduce a little doubt into the minds of the made-up...

    It also wont do to have lazy and half-arsed albums receive a positive fanfare from the faithful. It's tasteless generally,and means Bob can put out any old crap. There are plenty of us who dont want him to put out any old crap.

    Wil this thread or similar threads change anything though? Probably not.

    Does it do me any good? Occasionally, yeah, in the hope one seed of doubt gets planted here and there. People should use their ears (this is patronising too)

  20. I see my acerbic reply to Swifty has been deleted/moderated/what you will...well if you dish it out you've got to expect it back :).

    So side-swipes, baiting and sneers are ok, but the underlying sentiment is not? Oh, ok.

    Craig, I'm surprised...a one-way/ not-so-fascinating street?

    Ah well, on with the glitter and bunting...

  21. Falstaff: So 413:Dream is "any old crap." You are of course welceome to your opinion but mine and most of the other contributors here disagree. The album has been long awaited and the the reviews (in the press) mainly complementary. The article WAS badly researched - FACT! And of course, most people won't care that it was, most people are not die hard fans. So when something is so poorly researched and put together for a respectable newspaper which will put "occasional" Cure fans off bothering with the new record, I reserve the right to be upset and rant about it here with like minded people.

    You should also remember that this is Craig's forum and if he chooses to remove content it is his perogative. Craig puts a lot of effort into COF and anyone stopping by should respect that.

  22. The unfortunate Mrs Falstaff was walking down the street when she suddenly heard a voice. "Stop! Stand still! If you take another step, a brick will fall down on your head and kill you". Mrs Falstaff stopped and a brick fell right in front of her. She was astonished.

    She went on, and after a while was going to cross the road. Once again the voice shouted : Stop! Stand still! If you take one more step, a car will run over you and you will die". Mrs Falstaff did as she was instructed, just as a car came careering around the corner, barely missing her.

    "Where are you?" she asked. "Who are you?"

    "I am your guardian angel" the voice answered.

    "Oh yeah?" Mrs Falstaff asked. "And where the fuck were you when I got married?"

  23. You forget - I am also a die-hard fan.
    It is precisely because I am a die-hard fan that I know the last few albums, including this one, are utter tish and tosh.

    The article was par for the course - nothing less, nothing more. I still think fans should be grateful it was there at all. If you're upset by it you need to get out more. Equally, if fans think this album is good - or even acceptable - they need to go on a crash course of listening to a cross-section of decent music, from early church, classical, African, blues, gospel, soul, Eastern, Indian etc...and get rid of the cloth ear.

    I recognise Craig's effort in this wesbite, and his right to moderate as he sees fit. But I dont have to agree with it, especially in light of the crap that gets thrown my way, repeatedly. In fact, I often wonder why Craig runs this place at all given a)Past treatment, b)The lack of broad cross-section of views. I can only imagine it is because he's also a strong fan, and for the sense of social community. I dont come here for the latetr, as you may have guessed.

    None of which stops this album from being absolutely dire.

    The Robert-can-do-no-wrong viewpoint is simply silly, however its rationalised. Besides the genius, there is plenty in latter-day Cure output that is desperately bad. Some of the fan's acceptance of this only makes it worse. Believe me, there are plenty who have much stronger views than I do, they just can't be bothered to post because they know they'll be drowned out by the screaming fans. It's a form of madness, really.

  24. uh oh, gonzo jokes is, what an imaginative leap, cutting and pasting falstaff....just....sad....
    the snicker merchant, seeing what he can get away with...get a life.

  25. lol, as over-cooked comebacks go that is hard to beat. Too much pondering, and too little wit...

    Swotty, touched a nerve, didn't we? Can dish it out, but can't take it? not quite so impenetrable and avuncular (look it up) or aloof, are we? Bless.

    Craig: surprised at your lop-sided editing. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    I'm gone.

  26. Swifty:
    The joke was lame, you have to admit!
    You don't have to buy the album, go to the gigs, its your choice. I have a very wide ranging music collection thank you very much but funnily enough not many artists are still churning out albums 30 years after they started. 413:Dream may not be as fresh as some of the others, we can all rank our favourites but I stand by what I said - I like it. For what its worth, I think Robert now writes songs with the stage in mind. The Rome show got me very excited and the album disappointed a little on first listen. It did however grow on me very quickly. Porl's influence cannot be underestimated and hence the album gets compared favourably with THOTD, Kiss Me, Dis & Wish.

    Are you Gone? Do you Promise? (Sorry they were tish and tosh too? Bless you!)


    Cloth Ears!

  27. Falstaff: Your post was deleted due to a personal attack on Swifty. You are free to post anything you'd like, as long as it doesn't get ugly or too personal.

  28. And there you go Falstaff, one deleted comment for you, and one for Swifty.

  29. There is no such thing as a Robert can do no wrong attitude...he is, afterall, human...but really believing that the new album is old crap and tasteless?

    If you truly believe that then I feel so terribly for you and for that I feel you have truly lost faith in Robert for sure. I watched an interview recently with Robert and he said something about how that at the age he has reached along with his bandmates they do things for the experience. I believe firmly in Robert that he stands firm in his music and also so much that I don't think Robert would EVER create something from nothing that was complete you really think that at this point in his life that he would waste his time and effort?

    Lazy?? God, I can't believe you can say that?...Robert is so proud of the new can see that in his face and how his eyes light up when he talks about should take the time to watch some interviews with will solidify your feelings into more concrete firmness...and how loyal he is to those that return the feeling...his fans...

    How many artists?? At this magnitude?? have produced the quantity and quality of music and lyrics to match than this group? Not many if even any and to last for the length of time that they have??? To have achieved what they have without all the mainstream non-sense....You can never compare them to another group on comparable levels... I believe in Robert .....that even if I don't find one tune that I like as much...I seek to find the beauty and cause of what encouraged Robert's creativity with each piece of music that he writes...the man states he has loads at home that will probably never be heard by anyone but himself or those closest to him......WOW....One request if I could ever speak to Robert is to have him publish an extended version of Join the Dots to find the true story behind each song because there is one....what artist can say that???????? How many times have we bought an album cuz we just LOVE this one song!!!! in the hopes that the remainder of the album is just as good if not better....only to find the rest of it is complete trash and a waste of space on a shiny disc.....not mentioning a waste of money.....

    My sister went with me to the concerts this past summer in NYC at both Radio City and MSG....She was more into The Cure back in the 80's moreso than today and she was floored over how utterly amazing----no words to describe how FUCKING AMAZING THEY WERE....Porl being back ....WOWWWW THE MAN CAN ROCK OUT!!! SIMON...ahhh THE MAN DOESNT AGE...They sound better than ever and I am SOOOOO PROUD OF THEM....I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT TOUR.......

    Just listen to Underneath the Stars.....guaranteed to wrap its fist around your heart and squeeze it tightly.....if that song doesn't do anything for you for starters...then you shouldn't even bother listening to the rest of the album....cuz your not worthy....