Thursday, November 6, 2008

More 4:13 reviews

US - Daily Campus (3.5/5), MN Daily (4), Cleveland Scene (positive), Just Press Play (5/10).
Austria - Falter (positive).
Portugal - Time Out (4/6).
Canada - Eye Weekly (3/5).
Argentina - Clarin (positive)
New Zealand - NZ Herald (3).
Australia - Rave (3).
(Thanks Kate, Thomas, Claudio, Swifty, AndytheCurefan, Ariel)


  1. Here's a translation of the Time Out review from Portugal:

    4 of 6 stars

    There is a pendulum called The Cure that makes their records alternate from pop collections to depressed hemorrhages. With 4:13 Dream, the turning is towards succinct and straight songs. And if someone feels tempted to proclaim it as the better Album since …, it would not be silly to say that this is the Best Album since Disintegration, from 1989. Impression that is pretty much noticed by opening song, “ Underneath the Stars ”, that postpones the most loose tone that dominates the record, gliding over one meter over a dark ocean bed. The difference regarding Disintegration sets at the overwhelming love context of the verses (“ The kiss is infinite ”).

    There is subtle orchestration and abundance of resources in 4:13 Dream. “ The Only One ”, one of the most effusive songs of Cure’s career, is an infectious celebration of love in physical state (“ Oh I love what you of you it my caps / It's the crush ”). “ Sleep When I'm Dead ”, in tone of challenge, keeps the level.

    "Freakshow" follow with a groove funk-rock that will bring, to the fans of the band, memories of the big celebration called “ Hot Hot Hot!!! ”, from 1987. “ Real The Snow White ” is anxious and euphorical, soaked in electricity and effects, and contains an anthological refrain in the canon Cure. "Switch" is stormy, the sound of someone who takes definite decisions. And though the album closes with a cruel and self-explained "It's Over", its vivacity contradicts the verses, leaving the impression that they are having fun with their own image.

    There are many voices of Robert Smith that flies in the aerial space of 4:13 Dream. they overlap themselves, cross the bottom, accelerate and regret, repeating words echoed like well-intencioned ghosts, that growl and howl. There is much more “she“ than “I“ in the verses. Most a good sign in an urgent, triumphal record.

    Jorge Manuel Lopes – Time Out Magazine Lisbon

    tuesday, November 4th, 2008

    Thanks to Claudio for the translation.

  2. Re: the MN Star review -
    Shouting? On Underneath the Stars? WTF?

  3. In Italy the magazine "Mucchio selvaggio" rated 4:13 dream with two stars (positive).
    The rating is 2 balls, 1 ball, 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star, 5 star ...