Sunday, November 2, 2008

4:13 Charts News

Italy Top 100 - enters at #8.
UK Top 75 - enters at #33 (sales of 7,360).
The Netherlands Top 100 - enters at #38.
Ireland Top 100 - enters at #46.
Poland Top 50 - enters at #27.
Belgium / Wallonie - enters at #26.
Belgium / Flanders - enters at #45.
Australia Top 50 - enters at #30 (and enters at #31 in the Physical Albums Chart, which I assume is a component of the main chart).

(Thanks Pietro, David, Reminder, Fab G, Steven, boc)


  1. 33 is actually pretty good compared to how they usually do in the UK...

    I'd be interested to see how it did in France; they're usually pretty popular over there

  2. There are a huge number of big acts in the UK charts right now. 33 isn't too bad. Not brilliant by any means but what can you expect from an album that wasn't promoted.

  3. Oh come on kid's lets be brutally honest, 33 is matter how you look at it.

    It is utterly ludicrous this album is getting zero promotion, how in this day and age when record companies are against the wall can they be so petty and put so little effort into an investment, it is appalling.

  4. In Germany they are #28 on I-tunes download charts. (

  5. I agree alastair. The way this album has been handled is unreal. I wonder just how RSX has to do with it, but regardless of why it is like that, it's unreal to see how little hype was created outside Cure circles. The singles having been released long months ago surely doesn't help either. Also, I seriously questions the choice of the singles. We fans just wait for new stuff to be released but the greater public need reminders, hype, airplay, etc. I don't see this album getting much more attention or recognition now. Delays, a postponed tour (and for what?! The album wasn't even released BEFORE the tour anyway!), singles released without videos and airplay, etc. It's endless... It's just terrible to see how it's been handled. Terrible. That it doesn't do well on the charts shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

  6. they dont have to stick with MFU
    after the next. no reason to. better off on their own.

    and WE can always promote The Cure

  7. aaron if youre reading this:


    thanks for all the vids you put up, keep rockin.


  8. This is s huge disappointment. All Cure albums since Seventeen seconds in 1980 were in Top 20. Next time i fear they will be not in the Top 40 :-(

  9. stig;hows 33 good? theyre always top ten in the uk album wise
    the studio ones anyway
    its the worst since 3ib

    b ut who gives a fuck anyway it dont matter does it

  10. Yeah that sucks about the sales...

    I don't really care unless it affects Robert in a way that makes him want to either stop making music or try to make commercially popular (aka shitty) music.

    I'm really hot for this album, another person's opinion (or lack thereof) it couldn't change mine. I just don't want it to bum Robert out. If he's ok with it then I think it's nice, I don't like a lot of people to be into my shit. It's like having a sexy dirty little secret when no one knows about your favorite band's music.

  11. ...a sexy dirty little secret that makes you want to laugh, cry, jack off and get pissed all at once.

    Seriously how can you not love this album.

  12. Agreed about loving the album, I cannot see how you cannot just want to scream with joy hearing it...the world misses out, but we don't!

  13. It has to be disappointing for Robert and the band, but it is early days yet.

    If that PhoenixFM radio program is any indication of what Cure 'fans' want - All Cats are Grey/Faith - then it is little wonder sales are low. Robert is not a young depresso anymore, he's moved on (the 'fans' have not?), and is not going to write that kind of stuff (thankfully).

  14. It's strange how the band can fill up large venues but not shift albums. Perhaps people with only a passing interest in the band will download the album for free, whereas a few years ago they might have considered shelling out some cash for a physical copy. I am still suprised at the chart placings though, because although far from being their best album, it is their most accessible for some time.

  15. My theory, for what it's worth, is that it's actually the previous album's quality that affects early sales. Here's the evidence:

    Wish sold so well because people loved Disintegration.

    WMS bombed because Wish wasn't actually that good (heresy to those that had it as their intro to the Cure I know.)

    Self-titled was a success because Bloodflowers was great.

    Lots and lots of people didn't enjoy self-titled at all. It's a very difficult album to listen to, and it's put them off buying anything by the Cure again, and were certain put off of buying 4:13.

    Gross simplification I know, but it's got a ring of truth, hasn't it?

  16. Okay, finally tracked down the previous UK chart entries:

    The Cure entered at #8
    Bloodflowers entered at #14
    WMS entered at #9
    Wish entered at #1
    Disintegration entered at #3

  17. "It's strange how the band can fill up large venues but not shift albums"
    That's the trend with a lot of artists...Music doesn't sell well in physical format anymore as most people download... so everyone is making their money on tours and merchandise.I reckon the band will tour again sooner than we think, and that's a good thing... i personally don't care much for charts position..i mean they deserve better, but i'd rather see them live.

  18. The Cure entered at #8 and 4:13 Dream enters at #33. This is dreadful!

    Looking at the BBC chart, did you notice who's at #2? Snow Patrol on FICTION? Is this the SAME Fiction records as...?

  19. The Fiction is the New Fiction, so basically the same.. just a different owner.

    In my opinion the tour + the 4 singles was a good move to create interest around the band, but the Universal didn't distribute the singles properly (I couldn't find the remixes EP in HMV/Tower Records in Dublin) and the promotion for the new record was/is poor + no videoclip.

    "The Cure" performed better because:
    - the 1st videoclip was well received
    - the new single was performed live on TV in the States (J.Leno show? I can't remember now)
    - MTV Icon
    - 1st RS Guitar
    - live @ AOL
    - lots of interviews and promo pictures

    For the new record the is not other pictures than the ones in the 4Tour tourbook

  20. No, it's not really the same Fiction records. It's got the same logo etc, but that's about all. It was relaunced in 2004, but, as far as I know, none of the same people involved.

  21. All these Charts do is highlight the fact that NORMAL people have crap taste in music ;)

  22. I have found the sales numbers:

    100,330 Snow Patrol (2)
    26,916 Bloc Party (8)
    7,360 The Cure (33)


  23. I am really confused... on, 4:13 Dream is ranked #54 in music sales... that has to equal a larger, number, no?

  24. craig - the rest of the uk chart placings are;
    kissme 6
    head 7
    top 10
    porn 8
    faith 14
    17 secs 20
    3ib 44

  25. entreat standing and mixed up all got top ten also ..10 , 4,. 8 respectively

  26. so 33 is pretty shite

  27. Thank you DBC!

    Reminder: Where did you find those sales numbers?

  28. No. 33 is pathetic!
    But then again I have seen absolutely zero publicity in the UK apart from a few reviews - i've seen fucking Kid Rock 'sweet home alabama' shit cover version video played several times and his album promoted on ad's even on mainstream TV! How can he have any more relevance than the bloody Cure? especially in the UK!

    It is down to a lot of factors (I think)

    Publicity & Delays!

    There also seems to be a complete loss of a relationship between band and record company.

    The only saving grace which might boost the album is the MTV awards (should they win it )and NME award.

    Unfortunately sales do matter even to the band (even if they deny it)

    PS I like the album especially - TH&NWY/The reason why/Hungry ghost/Switch - I agree some fans have too high an expectation and this album by another group would be considered excellent.

    I am not sure about The Scream I think thats a song better live (maybe it s a grower) but peoplewho don't seem to much like the album think that's the best song.

  29. Craig: The sales numbers are not from the official source, but the forum is reliable:

    Forum charts

  30. ...and the projections from Hits Daily Double were right, after 52% counted shops/retailers, Dream 4:13 sold 12,534 copies in US. So 25 000 is realistic (91 000 - The Cure and 71 000 - Bloodflowers first week sales).

    This is almost commercial suicide for The Cure.

    Hits Daily Double

  31. Reminder: Thank you for the UK sales info and link.

  32. I stand corrected; I had no idea other Cure albums did so well in the UK! #33 really /is/ bad... Especially if that 7,350 figure is correct. Shame =(

  33. It is indeed terrible and I can't imagine how RSX must be feeling. I also think this album is much better than the 2004 self-titled but TMU screwed the band. They let them down. What would be interesting to know is WHY they did that. Could it be in reaction to RSX's concept of 4 singles released on 13th's? It really seems that they do have something against them...