Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More 4:13 reviews

US - People (4/4), USA Today (2.5/4), Daily Beacon (3/5), The Flat Hat (mixed), Daily Sundial (3/5).
Canada - Journal Montreal (positive), Calgary Herald (3.5/5).
Italy - SaltinAria (7.3/10).
(Thanks Kate, fmjews, Kim, Kevin, and Berndt)


  1. Nearly all of these reviews were dreadfully shallow, ill-informed and just basically pathetic.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. craig, that post below made me tear up, man.
    what a wonderful day it truly is!

  3. Am I missing something I should know about the post bellow? (That rhymes!!)

    I too have noticed how shallow the reviews are and how frustrated I am that so few are seem to resist a shot at the bands age or look...

  4. Andrew: Just a comment on the events in the US yesterday.

  5. pour montréal il étais temps d'avoir une critique noble!!

  6. la la la la la la
    Obama is a Beautiful world!

  7. I caught it Craig. I was proud of ya for saying so!

    I was happy, mainly because of my 16-month old nephews. One day I'll tell my little nephews about how I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and they will be jealous. It means so much to me that they will grow up in a world where anybody can be President. That's always been a cliche, but now its true.

    Not a totally ideal day. Gay marriage struck down in three states and that bothers me. Things don't change overnight. But they will change. After last night I have a little more faith! :)

  8. 2 more reviews from France :
    one very good in Télérama (4/4) and one very bad and cruel for the band in Libération, in which they only save Freakshow and the Hungry Ghost.

  9. Yeah, a good one for le journal de montréal, kinda surprising.
    Seemed to have loved it.