Friday, November 7, 2008

Music Week article

There's an article at Music Week about the first week sales. (Thanks Kate)


  1. Only a quarter of the first week's sales for The Cure. Wow I am taken aback by that. But then should I be. TMU haven't exactly wheeled out the full marketing machine. I think sales will go on from here though. Us die hards buy in the first week but the press for the NME award and the hype that it will generate will get the kids wondering what its all about and a few more of the older fans will perhaps realise there is actually an album out (I almost said "in the shops" but it doesn't sound like it is - which doesn't help!).

    Also the industry has changed in the past 4 years. The downloading (legal or otherwise) was no-where near as big then and the way people acquire the music is altering a lot. The article shows the general decline.

    One more point though: Who is buying all these AC/DC albums. No-one I know!

  2. No kidding. WHO buys AC/DC albums? :)

  3. I wonder if these sales figures are actual customer purchases or the retail shop purchases , that could explain why so many AC/DC's have been "sold" , they are everywhere in every store. But not necessarily in people's cd players.

    I actually found a record store that didn't have the new Cure album.