Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tickets for sale

Prague & Vienna (From Jennifer):
"I'm getting ready to head over to Prague (2/21) and Vienna (2/23) for The Cure shows, and I have one extra ticket for each show (my friend bailed last minute). Would you please post something on COF to see if there are any Cure fans who would like to purchase them? I noticed the Vienna show was sold out, so that may really help someone out. Both tickets are standing room in front of the stage, and I'd sell them for the ticket purchasing price."

Prague (From Katerina):
"i can't make it to Prague so unfortunately i'm selling my ticket. it's standing and i don't really remember how much i paid for it in euros - it says on the ticket 790 Kc. i don't mind giving it for less..i just hate to see it go wasted so if anyone's interested contact me at"


  1. Does anybody know if they will be playing the San Francisco area this tour? I know they played in the fall, but do to travel I missed the show.

  2. San Fran is not on the current schedule. Might be added later if there's enough demand, but as of today, no San Fran show.

  3. Will The Cure use the whole or half venue seating when they come to Chicago/Allstate Arena!?

  4. Unless there has been a change since the delay, Ticketmaster said it would be the half-house setup. You can see my original post about it here:
    Look under July 17th. I've got the seating chart there too.

  5. Thank you very much to Jennifer for selling me the ticket for Vienna gig ... it was everything so wonderful!!
    THX again ;-)