Saturday, February 16, 2008

Berlin, Hamburg, Poland updates

Posted photo & video links on the Berlin concert page.

Posted some photos from
Hamburg and two promotional posters for the shows in Poland.

Posted some video links on the Hamburg concert page.


  1. Thank you for lovely posters for Poland gigs ;-)

  2. I just think it needs to be said that the show last night in Berlin was truly exceptional. We Cure fans are a demanding bunch but the band put heart and soul into their live performances - and last night was no exception. Over three hours, a great setlist - apart from Never Enough and Wrong Number - impressive musicianship and a commited audience. The band are great - actually they are fucking great. They respect their fans and love the music and the experience. You can't ask for more than that. Well, maybe for a new album that does justice to that back catalogue. And I have to admit to how wrong I was to doubt the absence of keyboards. Five tracks from Disintegration and they sounded brilliant.

  3. ...they respect their YOUNGER fans...ok for disintegration, but 17 seconds?Faith?Pornography?The Top?...for me, too many hits and some awful song (the end of the world, alt.end, never enough, wrong number)...this band could play the most beautiful setlist of the world, but they don't (or he doesen't)...why? from 2005 it'the same...sorry, but i love the cure too much...

  4. I guess you have a point about the lack of stuff from Faith and Pornography - though some setlists include The Figurehead.
    But there is a danger of wanting them to live too much in the past - maybe we're all guilty of this. I would love the Cure to be relevant to much younger music fans and some of their hits from 25 years ago sound so fresh now.
    The new album has got to be good or I'm afraid they will fade away into a 'greatest hits' tribute group.