Friday, February 15, 2008

4Tour updates

I've posted the setlist and a review for Hamburg and a review for Copenhagen.
Also, if you look to the upper right of this page, I'm adding links to the concert pages for each show of the tour. Figured it would be an easier way to find whatever you're looking for.


  1. I think setlists are getting better and better. There is still too much stuff from the latest album, and not its best songs, and too little new material (no unknown song from the upcoming album), but still shows are about more than 3 hours long and in the last two concerts they played cool stuff like Prayers For Rain and To Wish Impossible Things, for instance. I just wish the played some more GOOD new songs.

  2. I attended the show in Copenhagen and have seen the Cure live several times over many years. My personal preferences of the Copenhagen show was To Wish Impossible Things (more rocking and vocally simple than the album version), A Boy I Never Knew (that really gave me the shivers, especially the ending with Robert alone with his guitar) and the 3rd encore which was really energetic. The last song 'for Denmark' was a nice and obvious choice, but why not just sing the original lyrics in stead of trying to be political correct or something?