Thursday, February 14, 2008

Copenhagen setlist

Posted the setlist (thanks Van!) and video links on the Copenhagen concert page. Still looking for reviews and photos, so please send them in.


  1. No suprises...from

    plainsong, prayers for rain, fascination street, alt.end, the walk, the end of the world, lovesong, to wish impossible things, pictures of you, lullaby, from the edge of the deep green sea, please project, push, inbetween days, just like heaven, primary, a boy i never knew, us or them, never enough, wrong number, signal to noise, one hundred years, disintegration,

    E1: at night, m, play for today, a forest,

    E2: let's go to bed, freak show, close to me, why can't i be you?,

    E3: boys don't cry, jumping someone else's train, grinding halt, 10.15 saturday night, killing an arab

  2. Love the blog version of COF btw, Craig!

  3. The best setlist so far. I'd love to hear Prayers For Rain and To Wish Impossible Things in London. Very curious to hear how they sound without keyboards. Whereas I'd really rather not have alt.end and The End of The World, for instance. Why don't they play Labyrinth from the last album? It's so much better.

    However, The Kiss is missing from this setlist... I think it's one of their most powerful songs live, even without keyboards... I hope they play it in London.

  4. ...the setlists continue to dissappoint me, the same story from 2005 to many hits and the worst songs from the last album...why?I really don't understend! This could be ok for a festival but not for a Cure Tour.
    I hope that from Hamburg, Robert decides to jump back in 80's (17 sec, faith, porno, the top!) and pick up some beautiful songs of last works (want, jupiter, bare, bloodflowers, there is no if, lost, anniversary, labirinth, the promise)

  5. It's hard to play something from The Top without keyboards I'm afraid, apart from Shake Dog Shake and maybe Give Me It (which would require sax, though).

    Agree on the last album things: High time TEOTW, alt.end and also Us or Them were dropped... Labyrinth and maybe Lost and Before Three would be much better if they really need to play something out of that album.

    But the real problem is the new songs: A Boy I Never Knew is fine, but the other two are such forgettable tunes, such poor stuff. Are they supposed to be the singles? Once upon a time The Cure used to come up with singles such as Just Like Heaven, Lullaby, Lovesong, Friday I'm in Love... ah, old times...