Thursday, February 14, 2008

San Jose show added?

So I'm looking at the new version of the 4tour tour book (thanks Boris), and in the listing of shows, this is now listed:

May 28th, 2008
HP Pavilion / San Jose, Ca.

I haven't seen any official announcement yet, so treat this as a rumor for now, despite it being listed in the official tour book.

Update: Here's a photo of the page.


  1. i sure hope that the dates in the "official tour book" are wrong for the SLC, UT / George, WA shows. SLC is supposed to be on the 23rd. I'm assuming that it's wrong seeing as how the shows would otherwise be out of order.

  2. It would make sense to add a Bay Area show, given the huge gap geographic gap in the itinerary. I know there was Download last year, but would be ridiculous not to have a show in Northern California.

  3. the SLC and Sasquatch! show dates are switched, a misprint im guessing. It does make sense to have a bay area show. i hope its not a misprint either!

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