Saturday, February 16, 2008

Help find a poster

Can anyone help Bill find this poster?

"When i was a
teen in high school, 1998, i had a poster hung above my bed. This poster meant the world to me because it filled me with joy and awe as i stared up at it as i spent some of the best moments of my life listening to the Cure. The poster was a huge black and white poster of Robert
with his head calked to the side and his hand making the sign of a gun pointed at his temple. I think the poster was called "finger suicide". Anyway, my moms home caught on fire and we lost pretty much everything. I'll be dammed if this poster to this day doesn't still stay in my mind as one of my greatest losses. I've tried all the poster sites i could and have to this day not been able to find anyone who even knows what the hell i'm talking about. All that to say this, if there is someone out there that has this poster or knows where i could buy it, i'd be forever indebted if i could buy it."

If you can help, please let Bill know:


  1. Is it this one?

    If so, EVERYONE wants this poster.

  2. I have this poster. It is a huge subway style poster. I dont know the exact size off hand, I would have to measure it. It is a little beat up on the edges though. If anyone is interested, make me an offer at

    I can take a picture and e-mail it so you can see the condition.


    P.S. This is one of many Cure posters and other Cure items that I may want to sell.

  3. I'll be selling quite a bit of Cure Merchandise as well from my collection including many posters. Although I don't have this particular poster, I have quite a few others and am in the process of taking pictures and writing up a summary for descriptions. If you'd like to see in advance what I have to offer, email me at

  4. Correction - I do have a poster with that image on it. It is a huge poster with other pictures as well including the one of Robert and Siouxsie. Again...if anyone is interested in seeing what I have, email me at


  5. Man, I had that poster, but threw it away by mistake (together with loads of other cure-posters) when I moved a while back..
    Miss some of those great posters, for sure. /: