Monday, February 11, 2008

Oslo Setlist

The Oslo setlist has been posted on the Oslo concert page.


  1. you're missing Three Imaginary Boys and Fire In Cairo from 3rd encore

  2. Any word yet on the title of the new album? Is Robert still planning on releasing a limited edition double album?

  3. Where should I put 3IB and FIC? Between which songs?

  4. From the little I've managed to hear in youtube uploads from these Swedish concerts, as well as from the previous ones in Australia and Asia, the songs which work better with this new line up are the one from the earliest period (Three Imaginary Boys-Boys Don't Cry), 'cause obviously you don't miss any keyboards in there and Robert's singing sounds refreshing.

  5. The Oslo-setlist isn't correct. For instance: they didn't play us or them + the walk was played earlier in the set.
    This is the correct setlist (taken from
    fascination street
    alt. end
    the walk
    the end of the world
    a letter to elise
    pictures of you
    from the edge of the deep green sea
    please project
    friday i'm in love
    in between days
    just like heaven
    a boy i never knew
    shake dog shake
    never enough
    wrong number
    one hundred years
    disintegration Encore 1:
    at night
    play for today
    a forest

    Encore 2:
    let's go to bed
    freak show
    close to me
    why can't i be you?

    Encore 3:
    three imaginary boys
    fire in cairo
    boys don't cry
    jumping someone else's train
    grinding halt
    10:15 saturday night
    killing an arab

  6. Thanks Andre! Going to correct it now.