Monday, May 31, 2010

Disintegration US vinyl delay?

Update: "Amazon changed the delivery estimate to "June 18, 2010 - June 22, 2010" (Thanks Lindsey)

From Ideal Copy: "We've just been advised from a couple suppliers that the US reissue of Disintegration Vinyl has been bumped a week to June 15. Pretty typical for vinyl these days. We'll try to get more info before changing our release date."


  1. Ah jeez. I placed my order with IC since March. I ordered the CD set and the vinyl. So how is this all gonna work? I'm I first getting my CD box set and then the vinyl on the 15th? Or I have to wait for both on the 15th? Also, for us who ordered with IC are we still getting the freebie they promised?

  2. my amazon is still saying expected delivery june 11th - june 15th, which is what it's said all along. i'll keep watching to see if it changes.

  3. I hope they have already STARTED pressing and manufacturing WISH....they have 2 years to get it right and complete for the 20th anniversary....opps, stupid me, 3 years for the 21st!!

  4. eh.... depressing...

    also some curespotting: Uncut magazine with the free cd and Bowie cover article had a little review about the new deluxe Disintegration, which had just 'The Cure' on the front (I admit, I picked it up for the Bowie article and then went all giddy because of the mention of The Cure x] ) Most of what the author had to say, however, was about how The Cure sounds like New Order. woopee... Sorry i cant provide scans, I'm on my ipod and without a laptop or scanner or anything...

  5. So totally typical for Vinyl today.

    I wonder what plant is pressing the US vinyl....? I'm really curious to find out if it's as high a quality as it is being advertised.

  6. there it goes. amazon changed the delivery estimate to "June 18, 2010 - June 22, 2010"