Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Kinds of Stuff

Catching up on some non-Disintegration items. : )
Check out Jason playing with JJ Brunel in 1988.
The Cure live in Paris 1979 (At Night/A Forest, 3IB, KAA).
Remember Alexander Galle's "Out Of This World" video?
Top Shop has/had a Cure dress in their stores.
Heron is selling The Cure Kick Ass vinyl stickers.
The Accureacy are a new Cure tribute band in Greece.
Covers - BDC by Jay Vaquer / All Cats Are Grey by Gerard Mazza.
Nice archive of old Smash Hits magazines.
James is selling his Schecter Porl Thompson Signature guitar. Email him for details. US sale only.
Shawn is selling a near-mint Head Tour program. Check the comments for info.
(Thanks Gildas, Toberr, Nico, Jared, Stephen, Heron, Rodrigo, Gerard, Brian, James, Shawn)


  1. Well, since this stuff has been mentioned, I'd like to mention again that I'm selling a near-mint Head Tour program for $50, though I'm open to negotiation. If anyone is interested, then post here, and we can exchange contact info.

  2. Topshop Cure dress? What does it look like? What is the name of this dress so that I can find it?

  3. Stephanie: Sorry, had the wrong link posted. Try it now and it should work.

  4. Oh no. It's sold out! Thanks anyways Craig :o/ If anyone spots this dress again let me know please