Monday, May 31, 2010

Camden 85 on BBC 6

Late in posting this, but BBC 6 has The Cure live at Camden Palace from 1985 on The Live Music Hour. It will only be up until June 2nd. (Thanks JC)


  1. Nothing overly extraordinary with this concert. The audio is excellent but its mainly stuff everyone has heard plenty of times. Its not a full show either. But worth a listen if you like the band from that era.

  2. Craig - As stated in a telephone call to Universal Music Australia:

    The delay of several releases in Australia is due to a shipment not arriving from Germany.
    It is unknown when the next shipment will be..

  3. Can someone get the audio files of this live recording? Thanx

  4. Thanks for this Craig.

    This kind of things makes me hate the way Robert mixed Entreat Plus!
    He was totally spoiled Boris' great work! ...

    But Robert himself has made me (and many many others) NOT to buy Wish Deluxe!

    And this kind of BAD WORK (= bad mix) promotes piracy!

  5. I was hoping for a video clip but as Mark mentioned the audio quality isn't too bad. I was delighted to discover that The Chameleons Peel Session from June 1981 is featured at the end of this program, at around 36:00.
    The Cure and The Chams...can't get any better than this! Not a fan of The Chemical Brothers but I quite liked their song at the end of the program as well.