Monday, December 15, 2008

Win an autographed cd and a poster

Fearnet is giving away an autographed copy of 4:13 Dream and a poster. (Thanks Kate)


  1. great, im neither 18 years old nor a legal resident of the united states:( i really wanted this..

  2. That’s kind of goofy to say you must be at least 18 to win a poster and a C.D.

    Its not a car rental agreement or a marriage license…Its just a poster!!

    Its because he says “suicide” in one of the songs, right? :)

  3. yeah it is kinda stupid, though i just remembered that my uncle lives in the states,in florida, im going to ask him if he can do me the favor. :)

  4. Goofy Rules for the Under 18 and Non USA residents! What's up with that??