Saturday, July 12, 2008

Curiosa archives restored

As promised during one of the 4Tour live chats, I've finally (finally!) restored all of the missing pages in the Curiosa 2004 archives. Every setlist, review and photo link is there again. Hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane. : )


  1. thanks craig!

    now i can remember how angry i was that i couldn't make it to new jersey the next day :|

  2. thank you so very much, craig! btw, when exactly do you sleep?!

    this did bring back some wonderful memories for me: seeing interpol live and a fantastic cure show (our first one together in phoenix)!

    however, i can't remember why i didn't go to the cincinnati show as well? what was i thinking?

    diana (and jewel)

  3. Thanks a lot, Craigers. I was trying to check out the Toronto setlist a couple of months ago.

  4. Wow, Thank you Craig!! We don't deserve it.... well, at least I don't. lol

  5. Thanks! Even though I don't plan on using this feature soon.....
    your dedication is a thing to admire and deserve recognition.

  6. Thanks (as always) Craig. What I find so interesting is that they only played what 43 different songs? And they played something like 73 different songs this tour. And yet, many of us were complaining about setlists.... Just goes to show you (a) how awesome The Cure are, and (b) how spoiled and ungrateful we can sometimes become.

    A few days after writing my review of the RCMH show arguing that it was quite possibly the best show ever I became a little embarassed with using such hyperbole, but after looking over setlists from other tours, I really don't know how off base I was. Obviously, the setlist (for RCMH) was geared more towards hardcore fans, but really the range of songs played during the tour was phenominal.

    Also there has never before been a tour where the first song was such a delightful tease and question mark. The Cure rock! ...and so do Craig and the COF peeps.

  7. Craig - you are an absolute dream! thank you sooo much! Houston was one of the shows that got lost. i am SO glad you got it up again!!!

    thank you thank you thank you!

  8. Everyone: Thank you. Glad I could bring back some good memories for you.

    Chris: That Houston show rocked! What an awesome setlist we had. Shake Dog Shake, Figurehead, Charlotte, Siamese Twins, Closedown, Like Cockatoos, etc.

    If only they would have had time for that second encore. Drowning Man, Faith, Going Nowhere.
    For me, that would have been the perfect ending.

  9. My very first Cure show, "An evening with The Cure"

    Great memories Craig.

    Thanks. looked good, it tasted like nothing on earth....


  10. if anyone is into the torrent thing...there a very good video floating around Pirate Bay of the Toronto Show from this tour...even has a version of Forever...if you can't find it, let me know and I;ll point you in that direction

  11. Craig doesn't sleep. Where he lives only proves his vampyric origins.

  12. Tim - I actually have a DVD of the Toronto performance during the Curiosa tour. I think I came across it at a record convention in Austin a few years ago.

    Apparently, the Cure's set was professionally filmed and streamed live over the internet. It's a good show.

    If you can't figure out the torrent thing, let me know...

  13. Thanks. Over the years, so many shows, I forget all the songs I got to hear. But I didn't forget Charlotte Sometimes in Atlanta in 2004.

    Still, to this day, I remember every single solitary song that was played on the very first Cure show I went to. And Robert Smith blowing me away in Disintegration repeating "Always, always, always, always, always, always" about 100 times. Oh that was a good night

  14. craig - update the interpol link.

    it's now, not


  15. coolio! this was the first tour after my cure fandom lapse came to an end... and it was heaven! i was front center for almost all 6 shows i attended... what a dream....

    sorry to use such cliche but sometimes it fits...

  16. Hey, Tim, thanks for the tip. I'm trying to leech it right now.

  17. Craig - yeah Houston was DA BOMB! it was the only show i could attend - but it was the best - so i got very lucky!

    school started the next freakin day - and i had MAYBE 3 hours sleep - and i told my students about it the that day (i taught 8th graders back then) and they were all "whos the cure?".

    aw MAN - i am STILL feeling the excitement from that show - even after all the wonderful shows this year!! RS grabbed my hand after i gave him the roses at this show!!!


  18. you guys have GOT to read the review from the "Daily Cougar" of the Houston Show. (it says SPRING, TX - not Houston btw)

    i was talking to this girl before the show started (she was a photojourn student at UH i believe)- she described my experience with RS perfectly! I have tears in my eyes from re-reading!!

  19. Your website is incredibly important to rebuild the last 12 years of The Cure's history, so, many thanks!!

  20. Thanks craig for bring back Curiosa! I didn't got to any of the shows but I do enjoy reading what I missed!