Sunday, July 6, 2008


Just passing them along:
Cure for South America
Cure for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
(Thanks Jess and Alastair)


  1. WOOHOOO!! we need these BADLY.

  2. Part of me feels like the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame is a joke...

  3. kate, ALL of me feels like the rock n roll hall of fame is a joke.

    plus, have you ever actually BEEN there? it's ridiculously lame, as bad or worse than the experience music project in seattle. and don't you dare buy any food to eat. you'll be on the toilet for weeks.

  4. Monkey - I haven't been there. Is it really that bad?

    Bad food, hahahaha!

  5. south america needs a cure tour! it wouldnt be fair to let some of the worlds most passionate cure fans go without a tour (and its been a couple decades!).

    i dont care for the hall of fame much - but the cure should be in it. it wouldnt be bad if they dont get in - the majority of rock n roll's best are not in there. and i think its cooler that theyre NOT in there. it gets more attention than them not being in that "piss stain".

  6. The Hall of Fame may seem ludicrous, but then so is a star on the walk in Hollywood and the band happily celebrated that, it's an accolade they deserve wether it is silly or not and they deserve it more than most!


  7. also - IF the cure do get inducted - Lol and Michael Dempsey SHOULD be invited to the ceremony. make that anyone who was in the cure lineup. to me, the cure are the type of band who would have that. or at least should. it would be one of the best reunions in rock n roll!

  8. THE CURE lost their feeling for extraordinary places to play ... or did they ever have ??

    why never play in Iceland (people there are so crazy for music) for example, or more often in Japan ??

    I completely understand the petition for South America.

    But somehow i doubt The Cure will pay attention to it.

    Thats sad. Isnt it boring for them always tour middle of Europe and the States ??

  9. i meant WHEN =)

    melt - its hard getting into iceland - theyre strict on things like that. but for the cure, i think it should be easier.
    i agree- there are so many places they NEED to play.

    but hey - remember when they did that petition for australia tour years back? it worked! lets hope it will this time

  10. Absolutely agree that I hope the petition to go to Sth America works, I have requested everyone I know sign it, I am sure if they are able they will include them in any future touring plans....

    go Sth American fans

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  12. It would be nice to see them doing an album tour in South America. I still lived in Brazil when they visited in 87 and then again in 96. Both times they played "just" before releasing a new album, so we never got "The Kissing Tour" or "The Swing Tour". Maybe South America fans will get "The Dream (13?) Tour" this time.

    *prays they will tour again when the new album comes out*

    Good luck, and I will sign the petition.

  13. Maybe RS needs to plow his car in a tree in a drunken rage while driving to rehab before the Hall of Fame committee can acknowledge them. Apparently, innovation and musical talent is not enough.

  14. I do feel like the RRHOF is a big cheesy joke - and yet, and yet, if they are going to have such an institution that is perceived as legitimate by some (many??), might as well induct The Cure in it. How sad would it be that once The Cure fades away future generations won't be edified about such an awesome band? If anything, that is what the RRHOF does right.

    I visited the Country Music Hall of Fame - go ahead, flame me, goth-dorks - and was glad to see so many classic country artists like Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris, etc., honored.

    The Cure is the Johnny Cash of rock and roll, as far as I am concerned. Cash was country and yet so much more (blues, rock, folk, gospel, etc), and a true unorthodox icon. The Cure is rock and so much more (punk, new wave, metal, dance, mariachi, flamenco, psychedlelic, etc.) and are also true unorthodox icons.

    The RRHOF sans Le Cure is like the CMHOF sans Cash, IMO. :-)

  15. PS Cure needs to play South America, period. However, I fear that the dolt who keeps spamming the official about that fact will dissuade The Cure from ever setting foot there again. :-(

  16. I will probably be flogged for saying this but The Cure dont get in until Joy Division is in the RRHOF. The Cure are great but JD was unworldly.

  17. nobody needs a Petition for this Rock Hall stuff.
    This is stupid politics, only made for recordsales ... (someone gets percentages , ha ? ;) )

    Cant understand why The Cure fans are enthusiastic for this.

  18. like i said before - when the cure get inducted - everyone that was in the lineup, chris parry, anyone that produced, etc etc. should be invited. CURE REUNION.

    i think the south americans more than friggin deserve it. the cure know they dont have to play the hits there - as evident by the special setlists they gave to mexico. either way - the crowd in latin countries goes ballistic over anything cure from snake pit to friday im in love. we all know those fans that always get up for beer, SIT FUCKING DOWN FOR MOST OF THE SHOW - wtf?, TEXT, AND BLABBER THROUGHOUT - we've all seen and met them. there would be NONE of that in south america. its always expected for the cure to play US and Europe, and you get so many CAUSUAL fans at those shows. japan waited for like 23 years. thats terrible! its the 30th anniversary next year, i hope the cure does something for them. because it would be a big dissapointment and let down if they dont.

  19. I agree the fans in South America should get a tour from the Cure soon! It's been way to long. Some of the most passionate Cure Fans around so I signed the petition to help them out.

    And as much as I don't give a shit about the R&RHOF, I still signed that petition because it would be nice if they got in it but I just don't see it happening any time soon!

  20. scribbles - i agree, maybe they have just the wrong staff round them. i mean look at their website - every other band will set up proper links or at least the covers of the new singles. lyrics is nice but only for die hards ...

    anyway i am an artist too and always looking for new places in different countries, so if i would be a musician and having so many fans around the world - i just would hire people to fix it right ... i am sure they could afford it