Thursday, July 10, 2008

Support The Single!

As we prepare for the release of Sleep When I'm Dead, I thought it might be a good idea to bring back the old Support The Singles page. Those of you who have been with COF since the Bloodflowers era will probably remember it. For those of you who are new, it's simply a way to collect radio station info, and use it to try and get some airplay for the singles.
So take a look, and let me know what to add, what to delete, etc. The info hasn't been updated since 2004, so it's hopelessly out of date. You can either e-mail the info to me, or post it in the comments and I'll get it. Thanks!


  1. Awesome Craig! I'm in Boston, so I can help out - here's the stations you really need to add: WZBC (boston college) / WERS (emerson college) / WMFO (tufts University / WMBR (MIT)

    These stations have a huge audience and are all the major college radio stations in the greater Boston area. They will certainly play the new singles.


  2. Hi Craig, i hope this helps in the meantime, if i know anything from SWID when it will be released i´ll let you know:

    In Mexico City Ibero 90.9 FM & Reactor 105.7 FM play both new singles, even one time i listened AKOS.


  3. By the way, good idea Craig getting back the entrie, i think a llittle time ago i asked you for bring it to life.

    I want to hear the new single + b-side now, ( as everybody else ).


  4. Craig, for Utah, here are the stations:


    Salt Lake Area 359-9696
    Ogden, Provo, and anywhere else 1-877-602-9696
    Text requests to 79640

    KENZ is now 101.9 The End.

    Request Lines:
    470-1019 Utah County
    570-1019 Salt Lake County
    670-1019 Weber/Davis County
    Text requests to: 62582

    KJQ is, sadly, long deceased as a station.

  5. This is awesome, Craig! I don't listen to radio, so I don't know who plays what, but I did check the numbers you have for the Vancouver stations listed and they are correct.

  6. if there's any single of these four to support, it's this one. excellent.

  7. guess ill start with SWID. I heard the only one played a few times but never freakshow so hopfully they dont overlook SWID.

  8. online request links.

  9. I have a friend who is a DJ on BBC radio six in England. I've just sent him a message asking if the singles are on their play list.

  10. Shoulda done this with FREAKSHOW! Better than SWID. At least to my ears.

    Great idea, though, even if I barely listen to radio outside of college radio. Well, I do listen to classic rock radio, but anyway...

    The thing I am realizing is, there is so much SHIT on "alternative" radio that if bands like the Cure were on there, it would begin to shape tastes. Right now the shit being peddled to the kiddies on the radio is maiming their conception of music.

  11. Cat: There was no way in hell that I could run the 4Tour live updates AND start updating the Support The Singles page at the same time.
    Plus, I didn't expect to like Freakshow so much. : )

    Everyone: Thank you for the info, keep it coming.

  12. Craig, I hope you didn't take that comment personally. I came back here just to rectify it. Sorry! It was really tongue in cheek. We adore you and the work you do! You should get paid for it!!

    *moves to hug Craig then thinks better of it since he's so shy* :-)

  13. Greetings Craig and "COFERS" !!

    From Portugal, here are two stations: Antena 3 (; e-mail: and Rádio Comercial ( This last one has a show called "80 à hora" hosted by Pedro Ribeiro dedicated to the 80's (aires Sat. 5pm-6pm; Sun. 10am-11am, local time)(; "sounds" like a nice guy on teh radio so he's problably open to suggestions! ;)

    PS: VH1 Portugal TV aired yesterday "The Only One" filmed at the Winter Festival in Valencia 2008!!! Couldn't find the "repeat" button on the remote...*sigh*!! =)

  14. Craig,

    This is awesome!

    Here's an update for the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area:

    WHFS is no more. As far as I know, there has yet to be a station to take its place. It stinks.

  15. For San Antonio, TX
    Magic 105.3
    By Phone:

    Local: (210) 470-KSMG (5764)
    Toll Free: (800) 366-KSMG (5764)

    By Fax:
    Documation faxline: (210) 871-6136

    or you can request online at

  16. Hi Craig, I did a search for the two Baltimore area stations that play The Cure:

    WTMD 89.7FM
    Towson, MD (north of Baltimore City)
    410-704-8936 (studio line)

    WRNR 103.1
    Annapolis, MD (south of Baltimore City)
    410-269-1031 (studio/request line)

    Thank you for all your work - your blog is a delight!

  17. Craig---Great idea to start up the phone request pages once again! It certainly works and helps the band get some radio airplay.

    For the city of Philadelphia, please get rid of the Y100 & 96.5 entries. Unfortunately these stations are now a Rap/Hip Hop Format. I literally cried when Y100 changed formats. It was once of the best stations in Philly and had a large listener base. I can’t see why they needed to change formats because Philly already had 3 or 4 stations playing Rap/Hip Hop Music. For almost 2 year Philly had NO MAJOR ALETRNATIVE ROCK STATION!!! But we have one once again with 104.5. It’s not perfect but I’m glad it’s here!!!

    So Please Add:

    Radio 104.5 WRFF-FM

    Requests via:
    Text Message to: 91045

    Via e-mail:

    Web site:


    Unfortunately they do not have a phone line to call in requests.

    They are a little slow in responding but they eventually do & will play the songs. I’ve have already requests FS & The Only One plenty of times & I will continue on with SWID too!!!!!

  18. I think you have all of the relevant Denver area stations listed, but if you'd like to add a link to Radio 1190's website, it is If I find any other info for this area, I'll let you know! :)

  19. I hate to admin this, but I don't even know what the local radio stations are around here (Arkansas). They recently went through a change, but none of them are even close to playing something like The Cure.

    I listened to my ipod for years until I got satelite radio and now I don't even know what stations are still on....sad....sad....

    I'll see what I can dig up though.

  20. You can now TEXT Live 105 in San Francisco which I believe is easier than calling:

    Request Line 415.478.LIVE
    Toll free 1.800.696.1053

    send messages to FM105 (that's 36105)
    or #105 from your Sprint phone

  21. You can easily email Alice 97.3 in San Francisco here:

    It's easy - everyone should do it!!

  22. Just heard back from my radio six contact. They are playing the singles. I'll butter him up to play SWID on his show as much as poss!

  23. Craig,

    The Oklahoma City SPY is no more. It became a Spanish language station. At first I thought it was a joke and then I cried. Therefore, unfortunately in Oklahoma City, we no longer have an alternative station.

    Even the lame station the BUZZ has become an album rock station. Like we needed more than that.

    Excuse me while I go wail & cry.
    Thanks for the memories of the SPY.

  24. Thanks to everyone sending in the info! I'll start adding the updates in a few minutes. Already eliminated all traces of "lime green" on the page, and have updated all of the "We" to "I" : )

  25. Hey Craig! I know it's a minor detail, but the link to KENZ 101.9 goes to their old website. The new one is

    THANK YOU for everything you do for The Cure and the fans!

  26. Rev: That's not a minor detail at all! Thanks for letting me know, I'll fix it now.

  27. Hello Craig...

    In Mexico City, Orbita 105.7 is now Reactor 105.7 they just changed the name.

    And W Radical is Over, so over...and its a shame, now is a news station.

  28. hey craig, 92.1WZEW has a website you can add, it's Still a cure friendly station after all these years and they did give both the singles a shot on the new music challenge which they do every weekday. I didn't catch The Only One when it was played, but Freakshow was totally murdered by the song it was up against. I called in to vote for FS and the DJ said she liked it too, we agreed that the song was not immediately likeable to the non cure fan. I'm hoping SWID will do better and if that doesn't catch with the listeners then I am sure The Perfect Boy is melodic enough to convince the audience the day it gets a shot.

  29. hello in bogota colombia 90.1 fm its called radionica

  30. I have another Charlottesville, Virginia station for you.

    106.1 "The Corner"

    you can request songs at any time.
    i've heard them play both The Only One and Freakshow numerous times. They also play more old Cure than any other radio station i've heard. i had a nice little convo with one of the DJs about the new album and she single release method. he seemed genuinely excited!

  31. oh, yeah, this is believer_ko, by the way. i accidentally posted logged into my gmail and not my livejournal. whatev.

  32. You should add KIWR "The River". 89.7 FM. Out of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Their number is (712)-328-8970.

    I've already heard them playing "The Only One" and somebody told me they heard "Freakshow" on there also. So they are already on the ball.

  33. Wait a second. My bad. I just realized you already have it listed under Nebraska under Omaha/Council Bluffs (damn that Missouri River)

    Carry on! :)

  34. Craig, sorry I forgot the link


  35. Mexico...

    Contact to Ibero 90.9 FM
    ph. +52 55 5950 4390
    +52 55 5950 4385

    Greetings Cureheads!!

  36. Hi Craig!
    Information from Portugal: the first link shown for Rádio Comercial ( is no longer available. The new one is the last you posted:
    Thanks!! I can´t thank you enough for all the effort you make for keeping COF!!

  37. okay, here's your PORTLAND info:

    94.7 KNRK
    1.800.777.0947 (request line)

  38. I've contacted several of the stations, and when I emailed 93.1 KCBS ("Jack" FM) someone from there responded with one word.


    Nice! No wonder they haven't gotten any radio play with asshats like that in charge of the airwaves.

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