Monday, August 3, 2015

For Marcel & Nancy

A tribute from Jarlath (jarlathsometimes):

"Marcel van der Louw & his partner Nancy Alkemade, were involved in a tragic collision this morning (1/8/15) in Belgium. They are survived by their two young daughters, who were also in the vehicle, but thankfully weren't seriously hurt. Marcel was really well known in the Cure community and both of them were dear friends for the past 15 years. They will be greatly missed by their Cure family & friends."

From Roger on Facebook:

"Ive been made aware of the tragic news about Nancy and Marcel, you know that I don't think of fans, I think of friends and to lose these two is sad beyond belief. My thoughts are with their family.. Very sad.."

I didn't know Marcel or Nancy, but I certainly share in offering my condolences, love, and support to their family and friends, and especially to their 2 daughters. This is so sad and tragic.


  1. Jarlath mate. It's been a black weekend.

  2. I chatted with Marcel briefly many years ago. He seemed like a good guy. This makes me sad.

  3. Still unbelievable... They will be always missed, for the extraordinary persons they were. Hugs to their friends and family. Zoe and Kiki are in my head the whole time <3

  4. This is terrible.
    I saw him (Marcel was very tall) after the show at RAH in 2011. He was chating next to me with some friends.
    I remember that I could feel without knowing him what a nice person he was.
    You can see him on one of the very last photo I took after the show:
    I'm so sad for their two young daugthers, I give them all my love and support.
    Michael, Paris.

  5. Seen him at many Cure gigs over the yrs, but didnt know him .....RIP.

  6. I had the chance to know and meet several times with Marcel and Nancy, they were both genuine and fantastic people and friends. I feel very very saddened by this tragedy, my whole heart is with their daughters Zoe and Kiki and family. you will always be in our heart, R.I.P.

  7. Thoughts and prayers with their families and loved ones and precious little ones.

  8. I've met Marcel for, and at several occassions. And that was Always in a relaxed modus. I've known Nancy by face, not in a personal way. And know that hurts. My thoughts and prayers are with their two beautiful daughters and family. It's still hard to believe that we'll never meet again. Take care people ! Love, Stephan.

  9. Hello, I just found out some days ago and I feel very sad about it. I had the chance to meet them.
    Thank you to add some of my pictures to the video. I feel happy that i could keep for the kids some nice moments with their parents on photos.
    RIP and best wishes for the kids and that they have good people who take care of them. Yvonne

  10. Oh shit shit shit! I saw some comments on a goth fb page but wasn't sure wich Marcel they were talking about, been out of the loop past year.
    Oh no! They were so nice!
    Marcel threw great partys, and they raised two little cure fans.
    Poor, poor girls. :( :( :(

    <3 e