Monday, August 3, 2015

Cure vs. Commodores 'Easy Heaven' mashup

BRAT has come up with a great mashup - Easy Heaven (Just Like Heaven and Easy by The Commodores). Just a preview so far, but well worth checking out. (Thanks BRAT)

Update (11/25/08): The full song is now available.

Update (08/03/15): And now 7 years later, BRAT has uploaded a newly remastered version. Also added a cleaner MP3 and FLAC files to download. (Thanks @bratmix)


  1. Now that sounds like it will be a fun mash up! That last one was dreadful.

  2. coming toon to bleeding ears everywhere...ROTFLMAO !!

  3. Interesting??? What a weird mash-up!

  4. CURE-ious ;)

    Still not sure what I think about this one.

  5. I usually hate remixes but that one was not bad at all. No annoying over repeating of words or anything. Nice one Brat!

  6. Twas amusing!

    Hey can anyone out there hook me up with Bjork's mash up with the Cure called A Secret Forest?

  7. I can Paul, just email me at

    Call me crazy but I like this mashup, strangely brilliant?


  8. Hey Jerry,
    It's an odd mashup - on the same listen, I will like parts immensely and then dislike other parts.

    Hope everything is going OK in your camp.


  9. Jo I think my friend said it the best, he wrote me the following after listening to it:

    "I'm not sure how to respond to it. It's funny - then it's scary - then it works so well - does it make "Easy" more digestible? Does it make the Cure look bad? It's really freaking me out. Is our music now just as old and farty as Lionel Richie? You've disturbed me.

    I'll be sure to pass it on."

    Everything is great so far Jo. Just counting down the days till we start, just 29 short days! Thanks for asking!


  10. just 29 days till what?

    your friend shouldn't be scared about mash-ups. I think you should mash anything up from all over the decades, just for kicks. When you're high on poppers. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Lionel Richie. Lol

  11. PS -
    Cure super mash-up album. An hour of one continuous club house remix of various Cure mash-ups that have come out down through the decades, remixed again so they all blend together.
    Mash up extravaganza The Cure vs. other artists

  12. PaulK -I detect a hint of crazyness in you. I like that characteristic in a person.
    The wonderful Cure/Bjork mashup is A Hidden Forest. For those of you with less discerning tastes, check mashups with:
    AC/DC - Whole Lotta Arab
    TLC - Scrub Close To Me
    *waves to Elise*

  13. I'm strangely loving it????

  14. I am nots crazy.
    what's a whole lotta Arab love?

    !send me all your funkadelic groovular cure mash um upsss!!


  15. Ah yes. I fully sensed it.
    A fruitcake after my own heart!
    Go forth Youbus Tubus and enjoy the Mashup Derbies.

  16. oh my god Bjork and a Hidden Forest is the best mash up EVER !!!!!!!! I luvvit

  17. *waves back to Swifty* I've missed ya :(

  18. Elise - Missed you too, haven't chatted for many weeks. I really want to know how high you rate the beloved 4:13 Dream. Which songs do you worship most? I remember THAKWY was your early favourite.
    *blows an x*

  19. Swifty,
    Still loving 4:13 Dream and THANWY. The Perfect Boy has always been a fave, but The Real Snow White and The Scream have also risen to the top.

    Are you still living the Dream?


  20. Elise, My two favourites are TRW and THG. I know how you love that we all have our own favourites. Well, me too. 4:13 Dream is better than words can describe and I'm livin it and playin it LOUD and often. It's fricking GORGEOUS!!!!!
    Best Cure album TITLED!!!!
    TRSW has really risen on me also(to the point that it completely rox my world)however some peeps aren't digging this song so much. So tell me Elise, what is it about TRSW that captivates you. Robert's vocals are on fire. Hope your still wakies.


  21. Swifty,
    That is exactly what I love about the Cure - there is a song and melody for everyone.

    Yes, I love Robert's vocals on TRSW and, of course, the lyrics.... these promises made in the heat of the moment ;)

    Although, I have started to agree with many that the vocal effects on UTS are a bit over the top


  22. Elise, Yay! you haven't hit the sack yet. Absolutely the lyrics are awesome on Snow White, and on most every track.
    For me 4:13 Dream is a Heart-wrenching record and it's hard for me to imagine that anyone could listen to it a couple of times and remain untouched.

  23. I know what you mean. In fact, from the moments that UTS starts, I feel the goosebumps rise and my heart starts to slow.

    This album physically affects me.

  24. Elise, you've got it in one.
    The Cure have clearly created another Masterpiece. These guys are sublime. Can't imagine how I'd cope if they were to disappear *shudder*
    This record has made me very emmotional of late too. When I lie in the dark late at night and listen to it on the headphones I get close to tears during 1 or 2 of the songs. The Cure are emotional rapists. Thats what I love about, one of the things...there are a myriad.
    Gosh, really missed our evening chats.
    xxxx ooooooooooooo dream swifty

  25. I love discovering new things in the album. I try not to read the lyrics beforehand so I can discover the story for myself.

    Man, it's late in your world.

  26. I'm a real night-owl plus i'm not working tomorrow so its all good. Are you 2 hours behind me ie 10.45pm. Is there a song you don't like?

  27. It's 11.50 here.

    I'm still not a huge fan of SWID, but am surprised that It's Over has actually grown on me.

  28. Of course, your clocks are 1 hour ahead now for summer.

    SWID was my favourite single ahead of PB and i still adore it.

    Switch doesn't seem to get many mentions in all the reviews. Is it the anonymous track on the record?

  29. TPB is my fave single, with Freakshow a close second - I defy anyone not to get their alien groove when they here it.

    But, I have to get up for work in 6 hours, so it is bedtime for me.

    It was great catching up.

    *big hug*

  30. ok... that was disturbing. You can't take ANY part of the BEST song ever written and do something like that to it!!!!

  31. Morris, I just KNEW you would NOT be happy about this.

  32. Guinness Book of Records has been updated Morris. There is a new BEST song of all-time. That honour is now bestowed upon THE HUNGRY GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I think my band is going to cover this! Hahaha

  34. swifty said...

    "The Cure are emotional rapists..."


    As a matter of fact, they raped me with 2 Late just the other night! <3

  35. Helsa, I'm a victim too. Every day and night for over a month I've been pack-raped by tidal waves of Cure emotion. I'm not the least bit shattered or sore though...just deliriously overcome. I can't wait to be ravished by the 4:13 Nightmare.