Monday, August 3, 2015

Roger is working on two Ballets

From Roger on Facebook:

"Ballet... I think I have spoken about this briefly before but as one project ends another begins so as Love and Other Tragedies makes its way out into the World maybe its time to talk of what comes next?

In 2012 I attended a Gala peformance at the Coliseum in London but Les Saisons Russe, a reincarnation of the famous ballet group from the turn of the last century. I sat and wondered to myself (I thought to myself!) how amazing it would be to write music to make people dance so beautifully. Later that evening I met Misha Lobukin the male principal of the Bolshoi and my friend Tatiana told him I wanted to write the music for a ballet. I could have killed her but the idea was born and Misha said If I were to write it he would dance it... It was his idea to set The Picture of Dorian Gray to music and to make a 2 act classical ballet. That was three years ago and I have visited Moscow many times and LA where I finished writing the music. We have the music and we are now talking to choreographers so hopefully we will be in production soon.

Whilst looking for choreographers for this project Tatiana sent my music to Nikita Dimitryevski an amazing dancer and now choreographer. He heard Orpheus and Eurydice from Love and Other Tragedies and we have now adapted that for a one act ballet so this will probably be the first work that comes out in this format.

These are huge challenges for me musically but without challenge and change and progress music doesnt go anywhere and this is part of my musical journey. I'm very happy to share this news with you and thank you all for your support of my solo work."

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