Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cure on 'Mr. Robot' last night

From @WendyCure: "Season 1 episode 7 of Mr. Robot - Pictures Of You plays/is discussed by the main characters in the first five minutes." (Thanks also to @lament and @e2ccd6b9d125464)

If you're in the US, and have cable, you can watch the episode here. If not, here's a description from For The Win (which contains a major spoiler, so fair warning if you plan to watch the show later, or haven't seen last week's episode):

"It’s a flashback; the first time Shayla and Elliot meet, and she gives him the fish you might remember as the one who talked during episode four’s insane dream sequence (and showed up on the windowsill, where he requested to be, in episode six). They sit out on their stoop while The Cure’s “Pictures of You” plays all tinny from a speaker. It’s a sunny day, and Elliot, despite himself, is enjoying her company. He asks her for drugs, and she tells him she knows a hookup who can get Suboxone. The only catch — the connect is a psychopath.

“You might be worth a psychopath, though,” she says, and you can’t help but think back to Fernando, his eyes bloodshot and alight, tossing him the keys the episode before. Elliot brought Shayla to her death. He finds himself responsible.

Flash forward to 30 days after the prison break, and Elliot is putting all of his files on Shayla and burning it to a CD marked “Cure – Disintegration.” Then he wipes down his computer and fries the memory again. The man has a process. But he isn’t fixed."

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